Monday, May 21, 2018

April Showers In May

We've had a few days of rain here in Utah so I thought I'd share some rain tags I made for April.  :/  I'm a bit behind if you haven't noticed.  But bear with me I'll catch up and this post is packed with loads of ideas and great printables to make up for it.  These would be great for LOVE NOTES!  Ministering/Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching, journal glue ins, decorations, neighbor and friend treats or thinking of you's and so much more.

For the first printable I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes from Elder Uchtdorf.  This could even be used during March.  It's such a good reminder to be grateful for challenges and road blocks in the way, and to remember the rainbow is just around the corner.  The rain and challenges make you into the person we are meant to be. 

The awesome thing about all of these printables is that they can be paired with any of the ideas I share today!  Obviously an umbrella would be perfect for this, I got mine from Walmart for $3.  Any rainbow candy would work great think skittles 

 or rainbow Xtreme Airheads.

I love this next idea.  A closed candy umbrella! All I did for this was cut a half circle out of some scrapbook paper and rolled it into a cone.  Then I added skittles and a coordinating candy cane stick, added a little paper handle for the top and tied it off with some of my favorite bags (I always keep these on hand, super affordable and perfect for SO many different things.) and a cute ribbon.

Another great option is a rainbow sucker. 

As always don't feel like you have to give something with the printables I share.  I even stick mine around my house and incorporate them in my decorations.  I recently bought a new tiered tray and I'm so obsessed!  If you follow me on Pinterest you've probably noticed. haha

Next I have another favorite quote from Elder Uchtdorf.  How often do we block blessings from coming into our lives?  Another great reminder for anyone!  

I think these little rainboot flower holders are just about the cutest things!  And you don't even have to use a 40% coupon because their Spring Shop is already on sale!

How fun would it be to get a fun soda on your door step paired with the cutest little drink umbrella of course! It would be sure to take away those rainy day blues.  

Or even just attach it to one little umbrella for a cute handout idea!

Last but not least the Rain, Rain Go Away Activity Kit-for a rainy day!  Even adults can get bored stuck inside on a rainy day.  Here are some cute and inexpensive ideas to treat someone to an Activity Kit just for a rainy day no matter their age. 

Print some coloring pages off (I found these on Pinterest) and attach it to some new fine tipped markers.  This is a gift that keeps on giving!

Or prep for a day in the sun by taking a day in and painting the cutest little bird house.  Make sure to include a fun color of paint too! 

I use to love sun catchers.  
This is a great activity for kids, and I found this in the Dollar Spot at Target!

Another super fun option would be to give a liter of root beer and a gallon of ice cream for a fun night in for the whole family.  
You could even give them some little drink umbrellas to make it super cute! 

As always the purpose of these love notes is not the gift, but the act behind it.  We need more love in our lives, no matter who we are.  If you are in need of a pick me up print some of these and run them to people that have been on your mind.  I know it will brighten your day just as much as it brightens theirs!  As always thanks for reading and your support! 

Find the FREE printables below:

Friday, May 18, 2018

Activity Days Surprise Birthday Party

I know I have quite a few followers that are Activity Day leaders, and lets be honest that's one of my dream callings!  My cute mom serves in the Activity Days in her ward and I am so jealous of those girls.  We all know my mom gives 110% to anything she decides to do.  So to help out those followers that are leaders for Activity Days, and to let me live vicariously through you all I want to share my moms latest (most adorable) activity!  

She started the activity by meeting in the Primary room as they usually do, we had already set up the party in the Relief Society room.  After they did their usual introductions and everyone had arrived the other leaders turned the time over to my mom.  She acted like she didn't know it was her turn and that she forgot to plan anything.  The girls were shocked because come on it's my mom! haha She went on to say that they could clean the church for their activity.  The girls were so bummed that they had to clean for their activity, my mom told them to start all together in the next room (the Relief Society room).  When the girls walked in they were so surprised and excited-and glad to be doing something other than cleaning the church! haha

In lieu of little birthday presents given on each girls birthday my mom thought it would be so fun to throw a surprise party for all of them at the same time!

She had all the traditional birthday things.  The Warners love to have a candy guessing game at almost every party!  It's super simple to do, just fill a jar with candy and make sure you count the candy as your filling and then tie with a ribbon.  When everyone walks in to the party have them guess how many candy is in the jar and write down their guess with their name.  As the party is going on step away and see who got the closest, the winner gets the jar full of candy.

The cute cupcake box (from Hobby Lobby) she used for the numbers with the cake walk, but she even wanted to use it for prizes for the games.  It made a perfect decoration too!

She decorated with bubblegum confetti (genius and found at Dollar Tree) and balloons.  Simple and adorable!  The theme was perfect for Activity Day age girls 8-11!  

If you'd like to learn more about Activity Days you can click HERE!

No party is complete without favors!  My mom filled these adorable clear pails (Walmart in party section) with some super cute goodies:  donut ring (from Hobby Lobby), cupcake container (Walmart during Easter) filled with M&M's, chapstick (Dollar Tree), lollipop (Amazon), Zebra gum (Dollar Tree), party blower (Dollar Tree), pencil, Birthday notepad (Walmart with printable made by my sister Brittany), candy bracelet (Dollar Tree), hair band/tie (Dollar Tree), and Frooties (Zurchers).

She had the table set for them to play a few games and enjoy a little treat later on.  

My contribution to the party was making the cutest little birthday cake and cupcakes.  I used this funfetti cake recipe and this vanilla buttercream frosting.  They went so perfectly together!

She even had a fun photo booth for the girls to take pictures and just have fun with.  
She put up sprinkle wrapping paper (Hobby Lobby) as the backdrop and the Happy Birthday banner (Dollar Tree).

She found these adorable props, including the Happy Birthday crown at Dollar Tree.

Silver streamers found at Zurchers were the perfect thing in the middle of the table with those adorable confetti bubblegum!

They had cupcakes and ice cream, she used the little ice creams in the plastic cups with the wooden spoons for easy serving and clean up.

Happy Birthday cake topper found at Zurchers.

She played Happy Birthday Bingo that my sister made with 
the cutest little cupcake erasers as markers.

They also played music while they did the cake walk (like musical chairs but with cupcakes), and they were each able to color a cute little coloring sheet!

I loved that she kept it easily within budget and was able to find the cutest things for such a good price.  Her tip is to find things at Dollar Tree that have multiples that cut the cost, and always make sure you are using a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby! 

I would say it was one of the cutest activities she's done to date!  Wouldn't you!?  

Thursday, April 26, 2018

look on the bright side

Some days can just be hard.  Life is so unpredictable and sometimes its just too predictable.  Isn't it interesting how that works?  Sometimes a simple text from a friend or a treat on the door step can change your whole day.  That's my hope with these little love notes, to share and spread love and goodness!  It can be to anyone, anywhere.  It can be people that have different faiths then ours, new or old friends, coworkers, or total strangers.  

It's always a good idea to look on the bright side! This cute tag can be paired with some sun block.  Or anything sun/summer related.  Summer is right around the corner!

But even if it wasn't this tag could brighten even the darkest of days.

Wouldn't it be adorable paired with some new sunnies!?  

If you're family member or good friend needs a little love add this tag too!  

Let them know just how special they are to you!

And if you're going through a hard time, just know that there are much brighter days ahead!  

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Just Dropping By Ministering/Visiting Teaching April 2018

I know I'm incredibly late posting these, but they are just too cute to not share.  I'll be honest when I heard there would be no more visiting teaching I got a little sad.  I look forward to making and sharing these with you and (when I have my act together) sharing them with the sweet women I get to visit teach.  

So I'm going to keep sharing ideas each month, and probably a few extra knowing me and my brain. I'll try to include a mix of religious/LDS themes and quotes and a few general so you can give them to anyone no matter if it's someone in your family (siblings, husband, child, parents, grandparents) or friends (neighbors, ward members, people with shared callings, etc.)!  

When I think of April I obviously think of April Showers!  
This little note is perfect for those little "drop" bys. 

I think it would be so cute to give your favorite body wash and a luffa for something little for their shower.  You can find these in the travel section at Walmart or Target for only a dollar or two.

The great thing about this idea is that it can be paired with lots of different inexpensive items.

Like a little bag of lemon drops or other yellow candy.  
THESE old fashioned lemon drops are SO good!

Or a super cute umbrella!  Super useful and only $3 at Walmart.  
You can find an online option with awesome reviews HERE.

Check back later this week, I'll be sharing even more "April Shower" ideas!  
Who do you think could us a little drop by?!

Find the free printable HERE!

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Conference Cookie

I am so excited for Conference this weekend!  If you are not LDS you can find more about it HERE.  There are so many inspiring and heartfelt messages about faith, hope and so much more.  It really is such an uplifting weekend for all that are willing to listen.

To help celebrate this conference weekend and to remind others just how important it is I wanted to -of course- make a handout.  And as always I can't just stop at one I had to make a few.

The greatest thing about all of these printables is
 they have to do with chocolate and chocolate chip cookies!  
Some of my favorite things!

You can choose any tag or a combination of two with any of the ideas below. 

And just maybe you will start a new conference tradition for not only your family but for the people that you give it to.  This would be an awesome reminder for young women, visiting teachers, people you visit teach, relief society, home teachers, friends...the list could go on and on!

Milk and cookies just go together right!?  How fun would it be to get some of these adorable milk containers and pair it with a dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies!?

Or a some cookies in a bag with a few extra chocolate chips too.

You could even just give your favorite chocolate chips and your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe for them to make together as a family during conference.  I seriously love the Guittard milk chocolate chips, they are insanely delicious and can totally be eaten by the handful, find them at your grocery store or online HERE.  If you don't have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe a Cookie Cookbook would be SO fun to give!  I love THIS 101 Gourmet Cookies book, so many amazing recipes-the Pudding Cookies are our favorite!

This is a perfect mix of ingredients to make it so they can build their own traditions and enjoy conference as a family and with some chocolate! :)

Make it super simple and mix up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and give it to them in a plastic container.  All they have to do is bake and enjoy!  
Everyone loves warm cookies right out of the oven.

Just make sure to add the specific baking temperature and time so they know.  I also love to freeze cookie dough balls in gallon sized bags, a bag of those would be so great to pair with one of these tags.  They are delicious to eat alone or baked and you can choose how many you want, you don't have to bake the whole batch at one time.

An even easier idea is to grab some cookies at the grocery store or your favorite bakery!  These mini Chips Ahoy! will make the perfect snack.


 I think my favorite idea would have to be this last one!  I LOVE my cookie scoops.  If you don't have one they are a total game changer.  My favorites can be found HERE and for a smaller size HERE, seriously I almost have one of each size.

Pair one of these awesome cookie scoops, a new cookie sheet, and your favorite chocolate chips and they are on their way to having amazing cookies in no time!

No matter what you do OR don't do I hope you just enjoy General Conference!!

Find the free printables below:

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