Saturday, March 17, 2018

Good Friends

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  To celebrate this holiday give a little treat to your friend, visiting teacher or family member with this cute little tag.

Good friends are seriously hard to find and lucky to have!  I'm so grateful for the good friends in my life!

This is kind of a recap of the different ideas from this week but you can pair it with Lucky Charms, 

big or little,

decorated jar full of candy or even these fun finds from Hobby Lobby!

Just make sure to use your 40% off coupon if it's not already on sale! 

Find the free printable HERE!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Love is the very essence of life.

When I found this quote I knew it had to be a part of my St. Patrick's Day handout ideas.  

Don't you just love President Hinckley?  His sweet, and caring voice shine through all of his meaningful quotes and General Conference talks.

This tag would be great paired with the other pot of gold/rainbow quote I made HERE.

I still love the idea of pairing this tag with Sharpies,

a cute St. Patrick's day decoration or container full of gold treats.  
I got my container from the Dollar Spot at Target.

I love this little pot of gold and I know anyone you give it to will just love it too! You can find the little black pots HERE and chocolate gold coins HERE.

Love really is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Find the free printable HERE!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Take a Mo'Mint' to Pray Visiting Teaching Handout Idea

That's really all it takes.  Just a moment of time to pray to our Heavenly Father.  Hopefully this tag will remind us all to take a mo'mint' and pray!  

This is another post with TWO printables!  They could be paired together or just as one.

The awesome thing about both is that you can pair them with anything MINT!  I love these mint chocolate brownies you can either make yourself or-be like me and grab a small container from the grocery store bakery.

Or a package of mint Oreos or Junior Mints!  These mint Oreos are actually really good.  

Packaging up just a few is a great way to save some money and still give a little treat.

Put them on a fun holiday tray with a few if you want to make it for their family.

Either way I'm sure they'll enjoy it!

I love that these cute tags are small and simple and work with so many different things.

This we were 'mint' to be friends tag can be given to anyone too!

Another super cute option would be to attach a small mint pattie to the tag below and give it to everyone in your district if you are a District Leader or in the Relief Society Presidency.

Whatever you choose remember to take a mo'mint' and pray!

Find both free printables HERE!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Worth more than a pot of Gold March Visiting Teaching Handout Ideas

I just had to include some gold in our mix of handout ideas for this week.  This is a spin off of a handout I made last year, you can find it HERE!  I just wanted to update it a little more to include some more color. 

The great thing about this handout is that it can be paired with anything that I previously posted this week or anything rainbow or colorful!  There are seriously so many options.

As mentioned back HERE, I found this cute shamrock dish at Dollar Tree that you can fill with all kinds of gold candy, M&M's or Laffy Taffy would work too with the rainbow theme.

Or you could give a pack of Skittles!  Super easy!

I found the cutest rainbow suckers HERE and you can get them just in time for St. Patrick's Day! This would also be a super easy option.

I love all things stationary, and any kind of markers so 
I think a few new Sharpies would be so fun to receive!  
Or Crayola markers or crayons would work too.

I just love the lettering that I found.  I think it gives it such an updated look and works so well for any age!  Another awesome thing about this tag is that it can be used for anyone!  It doesn't just need to be for the people you visit teach.  I think it would be so fun to give it to neighbors or friends too.

This is totally a sneak peek of another printable coming this week but a little pot of gold would be THE cutest thing to pair with this!  A perfect individualized gift for one with just the right amount of chocolate-make sure to through in some chocolate gold coins for good luck-find them HERE.  You can find the cute little pots HERE.

So hopefully we can find someone, whether it be our visiting teacher or not, that needs to know just how much they are worth.  Who do you think could use this little reminder?!

Find the free 'You are worth more than a pot of gold found at the end of a rainbow.' printable HERE!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lucky to be your Visiting Teacher March Handout Ideas

On to some St. Patrick's themed visiting teaching handouts for the month!  
The two that I created can be attached to anything St. Patrick's themed.  
I've got a few different ideas if you need some inspiration! 

I found this cute shamrock dish at Dollar Tree, but I also found it online HERE-get it at Dollar Tree if you can and save some money!  Fill it with some shamrock cookies, gold candies, or any kind of green treat.  Some gold candy I thought of:  Twix, Rolos, gold coins, and Werther's Original Soft Caramels- you could do the hard caramels too but I love the soft.

If the sister you visit teach has kids this would be a fun option, I found these light up rings at Dollar Tree that the kids would just love!

You can attach these cute little tags to anything to 
let her know just how lucky you are to visit teach her!

I found this container in the Target Dollar Bins and filled it with gold candy.

The next tag is super cute!  You can still pair it with anything mentioned before, but this one is ideal for anything with lucky on it.  Think Lucky Charms! 

I found this lip balm in the Dollar Spot at Target for only $1, but you can find a variety pack with other fun cereal flavors HERE!  

A little or big box/container of Lucky Charms would be the perfect treat for their family too!  THIS limited edition kind would pair really well with the lucky theme!  I really like these Lucky Charm Bars too, it would be so cute to give one bar to each sister you visit.

No matter which tag you use or what you decide to give with it remember
just how lucky you are to serve and visit with those specific sisters.
Visiting Teaching really can be so fun if you make it that way!

Find the free printable for both tags above HERE!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Pray for Each Sister by Name March Visiting Teaching Handout Ideas

Don't you just love St. Patrick's Day!?  I love all the cute leprechaun decorations, pots of gold and of course chocolate coins.  Really any holiday to celebrate is just so much fun!  

Carrying on the St. Patrick's theme with the visiting teaching principle this month of Pray for Each Sister by Name, I had to incorporate shamrocks somehow.

How cute are these chocolate hearts?!  I bought a bag HERE and used three of them to make a cute shamrock, but you could even just use one and put it in the center of the shamrock.  Any kind of heart treat or shamrock decoration would work great with this printable!

There is no way we could know the hearts of others or what they really need in their lives at the time if we don't pray for the inspiration needed!  Heavenly Father is so anxious to bless us, he wants to answer our prayers and sometimes its through others that he answers them.  I hope that I can be receptive to those prayers and first off make sure to say those prayers.

This handout would be a perfect little flyer to put on each of your sisters door that are in your district if you're a district leader or pass out on Sunday if you're the Relief Society President-to remind the sisters to do their visiting teaching!  

Find the free 'Pray for Each Sister by Name' printable HERE!

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Power in Prayer March Visiting Teaching Handout Idea

I cannot believe how many handout ideas I have for this months Visiting Teaching Principle.  So for the next week I will be sharing an idea or two each day so keep checking back.

I love that holidays make it a great excuse to visit your sisters and give them a cute treat or handout!  Later on this week I will have more holiday themed handouts but I thought I'd start with some general tags if you prefer those instead.  

This month the principle we are focusing on is Pray for Each Sister By Name.  There really is so much power in prayer!  When we pray specifically for others we are better able to help them when needed.

And this quote from Elder Bednar fit so perfectly.  This tag can obviously go along with Powerade or any kind of protein bar or drink, another favorite protein drink is Premier Protein-there Caramel and chocolate flavors are awesome!  These Power Bars would work so well too!  Anything that could give the sisters you visit teach a little more power.  ;)

Print, attach to the treat of your choice and go!  

How easy is that!?  I love a good tag that can be paired with different things.

Find the free 'Power In Prayer printable HERE!

This post may contain affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.