Monday, November 13, 2017

RuthAnne's Favorite Things Giveaway

I have been meaning to have a giveaway like this for some time now, so once I had my Birthday in October and Christmas coming up I thought there was no better time!

I love SO many different products and things, but I wanted to give you cuties some of my absolute favorites.  Hopefully you'll be able to catch some insight in to the things I love most and find them as useful and amazing as I do!  And I'm not just giving away all these great products to just one winner-there will be TWO winners for this giveaway!

Two winners will receive all the boxed/packaged items pictured and the first winner will also receive a letter board-like mine pictured above! 

Be sure to read or jump to the end of the post on how to enter!  I'll be sure to link to all of these fun items.  They could be the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for Christmas coming up!

Here's what's included in this giveaway:

Letter board (FIRST winner only)-I love easy and versatile decorations and letter boards are just perfect for that.  I found mine at Walmart for a steal of $10, but I am putting THIS one on my Christmas list!

Lightbox-I love to host and design parties and all the little details that comes with that, so party decorations are some of my favorite things!  A lightbox from Walmart for less than $10 is a great way to incorporate your theme into any get together!  Love THIS option from Amazon too!

Face masks-I'm all for pamper nights, and a good face mask is the perfect ending to a relaxing pamper routine.  I found these for less than $10 on Amazon.  Are you catching a trend-I also love to save some money where I can and I love that Amazon Prime shipping! :)

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip-With that being said I also love makeup and sometimes good makeup isn't cheap (and sometimes it is!).  I have always loved Sephora and still feel like a kid in a candy store when I wander through any of their stores.  And you can never have too many nude lip options!

Seche Vite Top Coat-This top coat is a serious nail polish game changer.  Within just a few seconds your nail polish is set and won't budge, it also keeps your nails looking great for days and days!  Its definitely a must have!

Butterbear Bath Bomb-I have always loved taking a good bath, and something that makes it even more dreamy and relaxing is a bath bomb.  This Butterbear is one of my favorite-not overbearing scents and great to split up to use for many baths.

Sushi Go Card Game-We recently discovered this game thanks to some good friends and we are totally hooked!  We love card games and board games!  It's also great for most ages!

Cookie/Baking Scoop-I have loved baking since I was little and I love this baking tool just as much.  I use it almost every time I bake.  It's perfect for Peanut Butter Balls, cookies, and mini cupcakes!  A must have for any baker!

Here's how to enter:

1.  Comment on this post with your email address, Instagram handle or any way I can let you know if you've won, and tell me one of YOUR favorite things!

Additional entries:

-Follow me on Instagram
--And tag friends on this specific giveaway post for even more!

-Follow me on Pinterest

-Follow my Facebook Page

After you do any of these, leave me another comment on this post. 
We do check so please be honest! :)

Giveaway ends November 19, 2017 at 8:00 PM MST. 

Good Luck you cuties!

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November Visiting Teaching Handout Ideas

General Conference Visiting Teaching Message

How is it already November?!  I really can't believe this year is already coming to an end, but I love this time of year so I'm totally embracing it!

Once Halloween is over it is all about prepping for Thanksgiving and Christmas right?  And with that comes pie, and lots of it.  Before I get ahead of myself, the Visiting Teaching message for this month is to select a talk from the most recent General Conference.  I don't know about you, but there were seriously so many talks I loved I couldn't just pick one.  I also wanted to encourage the sisters I visit teach to study the talks from General Conference and find their own favorite one. 

So I came up with a few different ideas that you can choose from.  I created a few different printables from General Conference that the ladies can put in their IKEA frame or even on the opposite side of their calendar!

The magnet for this month could be a pie, turkey or even anything fall themed!

Super easy to print and go visiting teaching!

Since this month is all about pie we had to include some really good pie right!?

I found the cutest mini pies at Walmart for only 50 cents.  They had so many flavors to choose from too.

Or box up a pie you made yourself or trick them in to thinking you made it and switch out the box for this cute one you can find online HERE!  You could even pair any of these with the printable quote pages so they can hang them on their fridge or put them in different room throughout their house.  It would be a great reminder to keep General Conference in their thoughts.

Of course you can skip the box and go the super easy route of just attaching the tag too!  General Conference really was sweeter than pie!  Just encourage them to enjoy every "piece" of General Conference by finding their own favorite talk and studying the things we learned this October.

You could always give a little fruit pie with one of the tags to make it super affordable and easy too.  Aren't these snack size fruit pies adorable?! And they are delicious!

Or even put it in a cute container like a decorative pie dish.  I found the 'Life is better with Pie' dish in the dollar section at Target and the mini pie dish is from Walmart from the Pioneer Woman collection.  It was around $3.50.

I filled the cutest little pie dish with the little fruit pies to make one adorable handout!

You can even find the large, clear pie dishes at Walmart for under $3.  But the decorative ones sure are cute!  Attach your favorite pie recipe too and it would be even more thoughtful!

Another super easy and affordable idea is to pick up your favorite freezer pie. You can never go wrong with Marie Callender's!

You might not believe it but I found these single serving pie slices at Dollar Tree!! Isn't that amazing?!

Going along with the single serving slices you could always buy or make a pie and cut it in slices to give to each of the ladies you visit teach. 

I found the best little containers to do just that-you can find them HERE!

I think one of my favorite ideas is a pie server, I found mine online HERE for a great deal!

The ladies you give this to will sure appreciate your thoughtfulness with all the holidays coming up.

No matter what you want to give I created a few different tags to go along with it.

Who doesn't like pie and General Conference!  Honestly it's a win-win for everyone!

If you'd like any  of the FREE printables shown above you can find them all below:

Love Visiting Teaching Handouts?  Find each months ideas and calendars below!


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Monday, October 30, 2017

Family Tree Prints

I have always loved the idea of family history work and I absolutely love learning about my ancestors.  Unfortunately I always felt like I had no clue where to start or how to incorporate it in my daily life and home, until now.  With the help of Family Tree Prints I found that something that made me feel a little bit closer to my family members that have passed on and incorporate it in a way that I can remember to research even more of my family history.

Family Tree Prints have the cutest, modern family tree charts that would be a perfect addition to any home.  I love seeing their names as a constant reminder of their lives and what they contributed to this world. I've always wanted to display some kind of family history in my home, but everything I found was so outdated until now.

And it's incredibly easy to get these charts too!  Family Tree Prints have an integration with FamilySearch so it seriously took me less than a minute to import the research other family members have done.

With October being National Family History Month there is seriously no time like the present to jump on board and start thinking more about family history.  I'm loving this perfect home reminder as my own jump start, I just have to find a cute frame now! :)

They have the cutest charts in all different designs and colors to fit any room in your home or even your office!

If you'd like to learn more about Family Tree Prints, find them on their website or Instagram page.

I was lucky enough to receive this free chart thanks to Family Tree Prints,
but all opinions are my own. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Youth Sunday School Lesson: Sharing the Gospel is a Treat!

How can I invite others to become more like the Savior?

I seriously loved studying for this lesson.  I had so many thoughts and emotions about missionary work while preparing it and it made me think so much of the book The Power of Everyday Missionaries.  It really is such an amazing book and it's under $10!

I started the lesson with a big, clear trifle dish full of candy. I told the class I would love to give them some, but I didn't know if the time was right and I didn't want to offend them so I would just leave it there and enjoy it myself.

I then went on to introduce the lesson and how we can invite others to become more like the Savior.  We talked about how we've been warned of dangerous situations and the experiences we've had.  We then related that to how that is like our responsibility to warn our neighbors and invite them to follow Jesus Christ.  I loved this talk from President Eyring, "Let Us Raise Our Voice of Warning".  He talks about an employer that he had years ago that he should have mentioned the gospel to and never did and how he felt about it.  After sharing his story I went back to my big dish of treats and asked them how giving them treats and sharing the gospel were related. Sharing the gospel and inviting others to become more like the Savior is like giving them the best treat!  It shows your love for the Gospel and for the individual you are sharing it with.

We talked about how we can invite others to become more like the Savior.  It always starts with love, then being an example and inviting with testimony.We also read Matthew 11: 28-30 and Moroni 10: 32 and then discussed how we could learn from the Savior about inviting others to live the gospel.  To close the lesson I shared the video Inviting All to Come unto Christ:  Sharing the Gospel.  It just shows you, you never really know how much of an example and influence you can be to others!

I gave them each a little bag of treats to remind them of the object lesson, but you could pair this tag with a homemade treat or just any kind of treat really!  No matter what you give-or don't give-remind them that sharing the gospel and inviting others to come unto Christ really is the best treat of all! :)

If you'd like 'the Inviting others is a TREAT!'  Tag you can find the free printable HERE!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Easiest Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies & Pumpkin Giveaway Winner!

To finish off this fun Pumpkin Week I wanted to share my favorite and super easy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!  I also wanted to announce the winner for the Pumpkin Giveaway, congrats to @ashleyciera57!  Thank you again for all your support and kind comments!  Stay tuned for another fun giveaway in the next few weeks to celebrate my Birthday!

Part of the reason why I love this recipe is because its only 3 ingredients, and the other part is because they are perfectly delicious!

They are super easy to mix up and bake in no time! 

All you need is a can of pumpkin, spice cake mix and a bag of chocolate chips!

It's a great way to welcome fall and you'll have loads of little cookies to share with others too!

This is about half the batch. I'm telling ya it makes a ton! 
You and your family will totally love them!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
-1 (15 oz.) can pumpkin
-1 box spice cake mix
-1 package milk or semi-sweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Mix together pumpkin and sifted spice cake mix until well blended.  Add chocolate chips and mix.  Drop cookies on a greased baking sheet using a small cookie scoop.  Bake at 10-12 minutes.  Try not to eat them all!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Handmade with Bethany RW Review

This next review will highlight my little sister's new Etsy shop, Handmade with BethanyRW!

When deciding what to review for her it was seriously kind of a struggle.  She has given me so many adorable home décor items over the years!  But one of my absolute favorite is this personalized family sign.  Find it in her shop HERE!

Another favorite is her Home Letter Set.  This set is adorable for any occasion or season.  She hand paints each interchangeable "O" decoration so you can switch it out to your hearts content.  I love the little birthday cake for birthdays that day or month!  She has a few already listed like her adorable cat for Halloween and turkey for Thanksgiving.  I still remember my mom having a little wooden bunny that we would switch out the fabric ears and little decorations it would hold for each holiday, it's one of my favorite decorating memories, and I'm sure this Home Letter Set will be just the same for my own kids! 

Bethany has a variety of paints that you can choose from to match your own home so you're Letter Set will fit right in!

She also has the cutest Welcome Letter Set where you can interchange the "O" with a variety of cute little pieces also sold in her shop.  Something I love about Bethany's creations is that they are the perfect addition to any home and they make your house feel like a home.  It is the perfect thing for a newlywed or house warming gift!

She also has the cutest accessory blocks, my favorite right now is of course the Halloween Set!  It's the cutest little addition to your seasonal décor!  

You can find Bethany and all the cute projects she has in the works on her blog, Instagram, and Etsy Shop!  Head on over and give her some love, she's a perfectionist on all of her work-that's why I'll have her do all of my craft projects for me!  Her painting and creativity is really just perfect and can't be beat!

There is still time to enter to win an adorable wood pumpkin decoration from Bethany and other fabulous fall finds in the Pumpkin Giveaway I'm hosting this week.  Head on over to my Instagram and search for her pumpkin decoration or go to the direct blog link HERE to enter to win.  You'll also find all the other cute items the winner will receive and additional ways you can enter!  Run on over while there is still time!