Saturday, March 25, 2017

Donut forget about Personal Progress!

I think it's pretty well known that I'm a big lover of donuts.  In my book there's always a reason to give or eat a donut (or a dozen)! 

A little while ago I shared this donut Visiting Teaching message and little Visiting Teaching motivator, but I thought I could add a Young Women one in the mix too because who doesn't want a donut! 

To start I made a batch of the best double chocolate donuts from Baking with Blondie.  They were super easy and delicious! 

I dipped them in some Guittard Milk Chocolate Jimmies and rainbow sprinkles at Gygi's in SLC.  They were the perfect addition to our donuts! 

I also picked up some of the cutest white boxes that fit one big donut or 4 mini donuts just splendidly.

This cute little printable is perfect for any time your Young Women need a little motivating to work on their Personal Progress.  I love that you can use this year round and write in the specific value you want the group or individual to work on.  It's great for customizing! 

Wrap some twine around the box and you've got a cute little treat for leaving on their doorstep or passing out at church! 

I found the cutest donut erasers in the Target Dollar Bins that would fit so snuggly in the "o" of the donut!  Break up the pack of 6 and give each girl one or give them each a half dozen. 

If you can't find the erasers and don't want to bother making your own.  You could totally package up one of your favorite donuts or a bag of donut holes from your favorite bakery.  We love Banbury Cross in SLC or Beyond Glaze in Draper!  

But even easier would be found at the grocery store right!?  Hostess always saves the day!  

Donuts sure are motivating.  Maybe that's why my boss gives my group so much. ;)

No matter what you pair with this cute little tag I'm sure your Young Women will love them! 

If you'd like the free 'Donut forget about Personal Progress!'  Printable you can find it HERE!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Our First Apartment

Last year we had the big adventure of moving from our apartment into a home!  We had been looking for a home for almost 8 months, and had seen and put offers on too many to count.  For some reason we just couldn't get one we loved or if we did someone would beat us out of it.  I'm so grateful we had an awesome realtor that was so patient and understanding throughout the whole process!  If you are in need of one Chase Watts is your guy-find out more about him and his contact info HERE!  He seriously made the process so fun and relaxing. It's so crazy looking back at the homes we thought we liked (even loved) and realized they were nothing quite like the one we got.  It was such a great reminder for us to remember Heavenly Father has a plan for us and cares about all our worries, and that He wants the very best for us!

But before we get into all of the home stuff I wanted to share a little bit about our first apartment for memory sake.  I took these pictures pretty soon after we found out we were going to move so most of our things were boxed up or going to be boxed up soon so sorry for the lack of d├ęcor.

We moved into a 1 bedroom apartment in Salt Lake close to where we both work right after we got married.  At first I was SO nervous to live in Salt Lake, but now it has a special place in my heart.  I loved the area, our ward, even our neighbors were amazing!  We had the most amazing neighbor for the majority of our time there and he was so great!  Persanna would share with us his Indian treats and dishes that he made, and he made the whole house smell incredible with his cooking.  Beyond all the nice things he gave us he was just an all around nice guy, we got super lucky having him as our closest neighbor! We loved the area and being so close to so many different restaurants and stores.

Dallin and I will never forget watching movies together and watching a Box Elder bug fly right into that closet because it couldn't close. And playing Pickmin together for hours.

I loved attempting to decorate those cute little shelves that we had in the main room, and hanging our stockings there during December.

I love the stack of blankets pictured because it shows just how crazy the temperature was there.  During winter it was seriously freezing inside and we would have to bundle up just to go to bed, and of course it was the total opposite in summer and I'd be wishing for those freezing nights!

Look!  It's our Easy Bake Oven that's what we lovingly called our baby sized oven-that couldn't fit about 90% of our pans.  But we actually did love all the storage space in this itsy-bitsy kitchen.  We didn't love having the smoke detector go off almost every time we were cooking though.

And trying to make it smell like our own place with loads of candles instead of a suuuuper old building/grandma. No offense Grandma, you smell great!

Straight shot back from the main room was our little bedroom.  Don't be fooled by that A/C unit, it didn't do anything.  And we definitely should have gotten black out curtains because our neighbors loved having the biggest, brightest flood light on at night.  Which made it look like we hadn't turned off any lights on in our place in the middle of the night.

And not to be forgotten the little bathroom with leaky pipes and faucets.  I did find my love of IKEA through this mini apartment and how to maximize on space.  Who needs that magic art of tidying up book anyway just live in a mini apartment for a while.  You'll see what you really need pretty quick.  And the closet just ahead of it that could only fit one person at a time-sideways.  In the closet if you looked up to the ceiling it had an entrance to what I called the "creepy attic" for reals guys it was the creepiest thing.  The person who last went up there didn't fully close the little wooden door so you could see just a little bit into the attic.  I seriously thought I'd see someone looking back at me if I looked up there, so I never looked up. haha

Around back beyond that ginormous tree/bush on the left you could squeeze your way to where we would park.  Every morning when we would go to work there was the cutest little black and white stray cat.  We named her Oreo until one day when she randomly disappeared. 

All jokes aside we really did love our first little apartment together.  Sure it had it's little quirks and things I'm grateful we don't have to deal with now, but it was ours for a little while and we loved every minute of it!

On to moving day!  We chose the rainiest day of the year it seemed but really who can predict the rain that far ahead?  You've got to move one way or another!  But once we started loading up everything the rain stopped and all of our stuff was nice and dry.  Little blessings people!

On moving day my mom was sweet enough to give everyone sugar cookies from Schmidt's bakery and during the morning Dallin and I got everyone doughnuts from Banbury!  Their donut holes are incredible BTW!

The only picture I got of people were Bethany and cute little Adam helping load the truck!  I'm so bummed I didn't get more pictures but these two are pretty cute so they make up for the lack of others right?!

We love our new home and can't wait to make it ours!  I know it will be a long time coming to add all the little touches that we want but that's ok, we are enjoying it just the way it is right now.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thankful for the Rain

I love all the cute rainbow things that are floating around Pinterest before St. Patrick's Day!  I had this one in mind for a while, but once I saw this quote from President Uchtdorf I knew there had to be a tag made.

I wanted this printable to be general enough that you could use it for any class, lesson, group, FHE, visiting teaching message or any other thing you could think of-not just St. Patrick's day! 

Because really how often do we wait around for the blessings in our lives instead of thanking our Heavenly Father for the trials and road blocks that help protect us, shape us and make us who we really want to become.

Attach this little reminder to a colored/rainbow candy bar or a bag of just a few mixed candies, or make it a magnet to keep as a reminder for a lot longer.

In need of some colored/rainbow candy ideas?  Here's some that I thought of:  Mike and Ike, Starburst, Skittles, Dots, Spree, Nerds, Gobstopper, gumballs, Jolly Ranchers, Lifesavers, and colored Tootsie Rolls.  If you need some gold candy ideas I have some of our ideas listed HERE too!

If you'd like the free printable for this tag you can find it HERE!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

I Like to Look for Rainbows

I have always loved the Children's Primary Song "When I am Baptized."  It is such a beautiful song for baptism days and days when you want to reflect on or consider getting baptized.  I highly suggest listening to the full song if you haven't already. 

In the spirit of all things St. Patrick's Day, rainbows kept coming to my mind.  And I love the line in this song that says "I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain."  It seemed like a perfect handout idea!

Even if someone doesn't know this song they can still relate to the positive message.  If they do know the song it would be a great tag to include in a gift for baptism or a lesson handout on baptism.  It would even be cute to attach this to a bag full of rainbow treats or candy.

Or pair it with one of those rainbow candies and you are set.  I chose Skittles this time around, but there are loads of other colorful options.  You could even give the mini bags of Skittles if you are giving them out in bulk, and the tag would fit perfectly over it.

If you'd like the free printable tag just go HERE!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

I am so lucky to know you!

I love finding a reason to give a little treat to someone and holidays are one of the best excuses.  So many cute colors, themes and puns to be made!

I already really love the last printable I shared this month 'You're worth more than gold!' (find it HERE), but you've got to have a lucky one too!

This tag would be great attached to a box of Lucky Charms, big or little. 

Or even a banner that has the word Luck or Lucky on it, like this one I snagged at the Dollar Spot at Target.

OR even a St. Patrick's day decoration!  My family LOVES decorations so this one would definitely be a winner in our books. 

I love this adorable 'So Lucky' wood block my Mom made!

It could even be paired with gold or rainbow candy, or a plate of homemade goodies!  The possibilities are endless!

If you'd like the free 'I am so luck to know you!' printable you can find it HERE!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

You're worth more than gold!

This might sound super strange, but I love the month of March.  I love St. Patrick's day, Dallin's Birthday is this month, and I just love the Disney Channel classic movie Luck of the Irish!  (Please tell me I'm not the only one!?)  And of course there's another holiday to celebrate so what's not to love! 

Something that has been on my mind lately is worth.  We all live our lives based on what we think is worthwhile.  We compare ourselves to others because maybe we think they have more worth then we do.  But really we all are worth SO much!  I love the scripture in D&C 19:10, "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God."  I love that we all need a little reminder that we are worth so much and especially to our loving Heavenly Father.

So in my mind this handout just fell into place.  There are two different tags incase you want to give it to anyone or your young women.

For the young women tag I thought it would be a great reminder to the girls to work on their Personal Progress, specifically Individual Worth. 

For the other more generic printable you could give this to anyone!  Anyone that needs to realize just how much they are worth or needs a little chocolate.  It's perfect for any age or class at church or school.

For either tag it can be paired with a bag of gold candies, chocolate gold coins or even a little piece of (FAKE) gold jewelry!  In case you are stumped on finding gold candies the Warner girls have thought of a few:  Twix, Treasures, Almond Kisses, Werther's Caramel soft or hard, Ferrero Rocher, Rolos, Ghridelli Caramel Squares, Reese's, Lindt Caramel rounds and I'm sure there are more!

If you didn't want to give a bag or pot of candy you could even just pair it with a single bar or piece of candy incase you are giving this to a lot of people or have a lot of young women in your ward. 

If you'd like the free printable for these adorable pots of gold tags you can find them both HERE!

And remember just how much you are worth! :)