Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Back to School Home Decor & Books for Kids

Back to School started a few weeks later for us.  I've always wanted school to start after Labor Day and since Liv and I are starting a little Tot school together, I thought I would make it happen.  You know because I'm the teacher and all! :)

I love these open shelves from Etsy.  They are so fun to decorate each month/season/holiday.  Most of the decorations above were found in the Target Dollar Spot!  Except for the apple on burlap, painted apple mason jars and crayon flower vase-those were made by me!  

Also love this shelf/coat rack from Etsy!  Also topped with lots of Target Dollar Spot items I've purchased over the years.  I did make the burlap apple and the fake flowers are from Dollar Tree.

My chalkboard from Amazon is another favorite in my home!  It adds so much to the room.  The wreaths are from Hobby Lobby with ribbon from my cute Mom.  More flowers from Dollar Tree in a cute white Target pitcher.

Had to take a closer look at the chalkboard.  Loved that I used little stickers to fill in the gaps.  I don't know if I totally recommend doing that though. haha The goo stuck to the chalkboard a little.

While we're here I thought I'd share Livy's favorite Back to School themed books.  

We've read each of these countless times!  If I had to choose her favorites it would be Pete the Cat, Biscuit Goes to School and A Bug, a Bear, and a Boy.  I'll direct link them below or let you know where I found them if I can't find a link.

Animal School-Dollar Tree

Are You Ready for School?-Old Family Book

Even though Liv had a couple favorites we loved all of these books, and I love that most of them are very affordable!  

Good luck going back to school!

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Lemon Love Notes

I thought I'd get these Lemon Love Notes up for the last glimpse of summer!  These can obviously be given when it's not summer but it's also a great way to kiss summer goodbye and welcome in Fall and cooler temps!

There are quite a few Love Notes in this printable.  All coordinating with lemons, so many gift options!

Whenever I go to Trader Joe's it's always a fun time!  I searched for everything lemon themed.  Lemon bars (not my favorite find at TJ's sadly), Lemon kitchen hand soap, Lemon Pepper seasoning, lemon shortbread bar mix, and lemon curd (theirs is so good!)

I also LOVE decor ideas!  My mom got this cute jar at Hobby Lobby I believe and these super adorable and versatile lemons at Ikea, find a similar option HERE!  I loooove these lemon measuring cups HERE, and this or that lemon decor from Amazon!

Shoot you could even give a lemonade making kit!  Complete with a cute pitcher, lemons, and a cute wooden spoon!

Even though I wouldn't recommend TJ's Lemon Bars you could always make some from scratch, or any other lemon treat.  Or pair this sweet and sour tag with a coordinating candy, like Sour Patch Kids!

Haven't tried this Lemon Shortbread Bar Mix but love the idea of giving a gift that creates memories!  With this gratitude tag a journal and great pen would be such a great gift to start a gratitude journal.  Saw THIS gratitude journal for such a great price, had to share!

Lemon Pepper Seasoning is such a gift that keeps on giving!  Have you had this on grilled chicken?  It's delicious!  I usually love THIS Lemon Pepper, but after looking at Lemon Pepper on Amazon I want to try this one!! Check out those reviews!

Love this Lemon Curd from TJ's!  Perfect for cookies, bars, crepes! Yum!

Loved this TJ's Lemon hand soap!  If they don't have this kind this season any of their hand soaps are great!

I mean when life gives you lemons, you know you want them to be Lemon Oreos right!?

Lemon Drops are also a another great option, or for this specific zest tag a zester that will change lives!! This zester is my favorite!

Or a bottle of Lemonade!  So perfect and straight to the point!

Love that so many colors go so well with lemon!  I especially love light pink or any shade of blue!

A box of this Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade water would be a fun family gift!

Loved this squeeze the day! bag my sister got from JoAnn!

Found these adorable lemon bowls at Dollar Tree,  don't underestimate Dollar Tree!  They have the cutest things and only for $1!

You can also find this teeny tiny candy boxes for just 25 cents at some grocery store's, I've always been able to find them at Dan's here in Utah!

Found these cute paper straws and wooden spoon at the Target Dollar spot, believe it or not!

Also found this cute little lemon chalkboard there too!

Oh and this little chalkboard too!

And the cutest lemon cellophane bags!

So fun for packaging homemade treats or breaking up store bought treats.

These tablecloths are another gift that keeps on giving!

Always, always love notepads or notecards!  

These plates and napkins are perfect for treat drops or a lemonade stand!  Found at the Target Dollar Spot!

Another Target Dollar Spot find these ceramic lemons.  So cute!

So many adorable options and so many tag options too! 

Find all the Lemon Love Notes HERE!

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Monday, August 31, 2020

Lemons & Chocolate

August has come and gone and I don't even know how that's possible!  This year is flying by and yet I feel like we're stuck in this crazy corona-filled space.  It's going to be a great day when this pandemic is just a thing kids learn about in history books.  

Pandemic or not you always need chocolate.  I think even more so during pandemics! haha Even if you can't hand back the "lemons" of life, you can always try to find some sweetness, or give some sweetness!  Chocolate is a great option! 

I love this Pound Plus bars at Trader Joe's!  Perfect for all the baking coming up this fall.

Don't have a TJ's near by?  A candy bar from the grocery store could still work perfectly with this tag.

But if you are at Trader Joe's get these Toffee Chips!! Seriously just get them and love every single one!  They are so delicious!

I love the mix of chocolate bars to make a fun gift!  Perfect for ministering sisters, ministering families, teachers, friends, family, everyone, anyone!

TJ's has so many fun chocolate things like these chocolate crisps, chocolate covered potato chips and these yummy peanut butter cups!

Also LOVING these S'mashing S'mores!  Seriously so good, the perfect bite of s'mores without the campfire and all the mess.

I love that you can pair this tag with anything chocolate OR lemon!  Or both!
So many wonderful options!

Like a lemon bar mix and a chocolate candy bar, fun pairing!

Or the best ever chocolate chips, my absolute favorite!  YUM!

Why don't you make it good quality chocolate while we're at it, like some Lindt truffles or chocolate bars.

These Lindt Lindor truffles are so delicious and perfect for snacking.

I loved this little package I made for a graduating senior this last June.  I put lemon candies at the bottom to tie in the lemon and chocolate theme.  Loved the matching colors too, details really do matter!

Or if you're avoiding the stores like me, make a batch of cookies and give a plate of homemade cookies!

This tag seriously has so many options!

If you'd like to print the "When life gives you lemons hand them back..." tag you can find it HERE!

I recommend downloading the printable for best quality.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Shark Week

 I know Shark Week was technically last week, but when you have a shark loving toddler, shark week/day can be any time!  In my hopes to be more of a "fun mom"  I'm trying to celebrate all the moments, little, big and in between.  So when I knew it was Shark Week I knew I had to do something.  

I will be posting mine and Liv's adventures on being a "fun mom" on my original instagram HERE, but I've also decided to create a new account "It's all in the details!", where I will be sharing all the details!  I thought it would be a fun specific place for parties, kid activities, holidays, traditions and more.  I've learned if you focus on the details you elevate any experience or celebration, so that's just what I'm going to do.  


I had a few extra cupcakes leftover from a baking order (psst did you know I take baking orders?  Check out RuthAnne's Bake Shop HERE and HERE) and decided to jazz them up for the occasion.  Shark gummies, adding my favorite blue food coloring gel to my white chocolate drizzle and, white pearl sprinkles (perfect "bubbles") dressed them up in no time!

I asked Liv if she could look at me with her cupcake and she said "Sorry Mom, I'm just trying to unwrap it."  Haha for a 2 1/2 year old she surprises me all the time with what she says.

Let's keep going with the treats of the day!  The great thing about themed days is that you can think outside the box.  Don't get focus on just one thing, like sharks for example.  I like to think of where you can find sharks, colors, and other things you think of when you think shark.  

Adding on simple things you already make, makes celebrating super easy!

Shark Cupcakes-I had my favorite Bake Shop recipe for my Funfetti Cupcakes.

Shark Pudding Cups-Liv and I made a white chocolate pudding mix (but next time I'll do vanilla), tinted it blue then topped it with a gummy shark and graham cracker crumbs.

Shark Bait-white chocolate popcorn with pretzel sticks, rainbow mini marshmallows, and shark gummies.  Here's how I do my white chocolate popcorn! Blue M&M's and shark sprinkles would've been so cute and delicious in this, but use what you have!!

Ocean water-mixed drinks!  We tried to do the layered look, but I must have gotten it wrong. haha Regardless it was still ocean water, blue and delicious for the girls so that's all that matters! I just got a variety of individual drinks at the grocery store that were blue, clear and white.  I'll post what was our favorites below.

You could even just get one of these drinks and call it ocean water with no mixing.  OR if you want to not worry about that Fizz had a Shark Drink last week.  Whoops hopefully I'll be more on top of it next holiday and give you a better notice.

The girls insisted on taking these pictures. haha

They loved the ocean water!  You can see the different drinks from these two pictures.  Olivia's is brighter and more ocean like.  I added a lot of Sobe to Evie's which was probably completely delicious, but left a murky ocean water look.  Whatever way both girls still loved it!


There are several FREE printable online.  I love that they can be adapted for any age.  Even though the younger girls went through them fast they still found it fun and different!  We loved the Shark I Spy, Shark Week Fun! Packet and Feeding the Shark.  Find the rest of my inspiration pins HERE.  My printer broke completely in the middle of printing these.  Waaaa :'( There definitely would have been those cute shark headbands too!

Loved that you can use Goldfish to feed the shark, and the girls did too!

You know we had to play Baby Shark several times of course!! Livy has loved this song for a long time.  

The girls screamed, danced and ran around while this song was playing, they were so happy!

OH i forgot two "treats"  I had a sweet friend tell me about the Sharks & Whales Fruit Snacks found at Harmon's here in Utah.  The little toy shark Livy loving calls Sharkie has kept her busy for quite a while.  she loves to play "Shark Attack" with it and one day Sharkie even helped me fold a whole load of laundry! haha  It's a sucker too but don't tell Liv!

We still needed to run off all that sugar so we played Sharks and Minnows.  I would turn around with Shark and say "Fishies, Fishies come out and play!"  The girls would always yell back "OK!" haha then I would randomly yell "SHARK ATTACK"  and chase them while Sharkie was snapping.  They would laugh and scream so loudly, it was adorable.  One time when I said shark attack Evie ran over to Livy and did this! 

They were scared and just needed eachother the little cuties.

We finished the night by watching Little Mermaid.  There's a shark in that you know?  It was such a low key fun night.  I'm already looking forward to the next celebrations I can add some cute details too!

This post may contain affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.