Friday, October 18, 2019

Book Themed Baby Shower

My sweet sister and mom threw me the cutest book themed baby shower when I was pregnant with Olivia.  It's going to be TWO years since this party in November, I'm a little behind :/  But a great party has to be shared so let's get right into it!

Brittany planned that all the books would match a food item!  It was so cute and such a great idea!

As guests walked in they could guess how much candy was in the jar.  Which also was buy the Guess How Much I Love You book .  We always do a candy guessing game at the front of all of our parties for a fun and different game idea!  They used Hugs and Kisses in clear jars and had the guests write their name and guess on a small piece of gold wrapping paper, so clever!

She had a large pink basket full of all the books people brought.  She also made the cutest stickers to remind me who gave us the book.  I still have all the stickers on and this adorable pink basket. Another option would be to keep the books in the presents so its easier to know which gift came from who! 

She also decorated a cute cardboard book in Olivia's room colors for advice cards.  I still have this book as decoration in Olivia's room too!

They had tables set so people could eat, mingle and participate in the activities!  Along with some board books tied like a present and a little vase of flowers they set out a favor for each guest.

A Tic Tac Book of course!! My sister made these and I still can't get over the cuteness.  Even the spine and the gold ribbon!! Too cute!

Brittany always remembers the kids at any event and had a kids table as well.  

Each one of them got a Coloring Book Brittany made!  This table had the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom with alphabet crackers, Sea of Riddles with goldfish and crayons to color their coloring books.

This is one of the only pictures of me pregnant, so it's fun to look back on!

Brittany also made this adorable banner that matched the storybook theme.  And added a cute round banner she got at Hobby Lobby I think!

She then made a mini version for the food table and propped it up on more books!  Everything was so adorable.  I love her parties and all her details!

She carried on the idea of matching each food item to a book.  She had Jamberry by lots of berries!

There were Donettes by the cutest book ever, If you Give A Dog a Donut.

They served brunch because it was an early party and my mom made her amazing omelet!  I'll have to share the recipe soon because it is SO good!

By the omelet was the book Green Eggs and Ham.

There were mini muffins with small toothpick book toppers in some of them by If You Give A Mouse a Muffin, and fruit by A Very Hungry Caterpillar, along with the cutest Caterpillar puppet.

Small fruit pies (they are SO good BTW) by Ten Apple Up on Top!

There was a small treat table with Red Vines licorice in a trifle dish and Good and Plenty by The Gingerbread Girl.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies by If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Cute mini cupcakes with more book toothpick toppers by If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.

The people that came out to help celebrate me and little baby Olivia mean so, so much to me!!

People I love so much!!!  Brittany planned adorable activities too! 

A Baby Book Quiz that was a fun game without pressure!  I included Brittany's answer key if you'd like to do an idea like this too.

The other activity was coloring a page in a little book for Olivia!  It had the full alphabet and numbers up to 10!  It was so perfect and Olivia STILL is obsessed with it!  I'm hoping to share some pictures soon because it was so fun and unique and now when we read it we know who colored each page!

Here were all the cute things Brittany created!  I loved that the invitation was a story book!! It match the favor perfectly!

Here's a closer look at that adorable invitation!

All of my showers helped us get ready for little Olivia but this shower specifically built Olivia's library!  We still have and love all of the books.  She loves books!  This was such an amazing shower that was so much fun! I'm so grateful to look back on this with such loving memories!

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Halloween Decor

I can't believe I'm saying this but I am LOVING this Halloween decor.  Usually I'm quite a Scrooge when it comes to Halloween but this year I'm completely embracing it.  I can't get over this cute chalkboard sign.  I'm so obsessed with how it turned out.

I totally love using items that can be used over and over again for any season.  Like my chalkboard, wreaths and three tiered tray! Here's a few ideas to help inspire you to use the things you have on hand to decorate for each season.  For my wreaths I added a simple bow.  The three tiered tray I added all my little holiday decorations that I usually don't have a place for, I propped a few of them up on mini cake stands.  My chalkboard is easy to customize each month with chalk markers and different garlands if I have them for that season or holiday.  I love this one my sister made for me a few years ago!  

I've learned that I can't have candy out on the counter like this.  Super cute but Dallin and I and even Olivia kept eating it until it was gone-in record timing I might add!  I've switched up a few decorations including taking away most of the candy bowls and containers, also the Back to School sign I left up (Face-palm!), and a few other things to make it look a little better.  

Lots of these pictures were taken in stages as you can probably tell.  I couldn't stop thinking how my wreaths looked so plain and blah.  I later added bows to them but before this is how it looked and my candy was full. haha!  I made the bow from ribbon my cute mom had on hand, it was super easy!

Love that my space is slowly becoming the space I've always wanted it to be.  It's crazy how a few simple decor items can help so much!

I mean is it even fall/Halloween if you don't have Harvest Cadbury balls, candy pumpkins and candy corn?  I'm just missing pumpkin taffy! My favorite!!

Sorry for the real life in some of the pictures.  That's just how it is when you're trying to capture little things through real life.

Here's where I found everything!  
I'll link or share where I got it if I can't find a link for everything below.

Halloween Banner-Made by sister
Small pumpkins-Target Dollar Spot
Small wood decor-Found at Wood Connection, painted by me
Mini cake stands-Target Spot
Mini cauldron-Target Dollar Spot
mini pumpkins-Target Dollar Spot
wood bat-Target Dollar Spot
pumpkin runner-Target Dollar Spot
Open Shelves-Etsy
Wire pumpkins-Target Dollar Spot 
Pumpkin Witch-Walmart (Won from TCL Giveaway!)
Witch with orange dress-Walmart
Wood ghost-Found at Wood Connection, painted by me
black tree-Target Dollar Spot
pumpkin table runner-Target Dollar Spot
chevron place mats-Target Dollar Spot
Shelf/coat rack-Etsy
candy corn garland-Target Dollar Spot
Hello Pumpkin sign-Handwritten Harper

As you can tell I love the Target Dollar Spot!  All of these items were from last years Halloween items in the Dollar Spot.  Sometimes they come back, sometimes they come back a little different and sometimes they don't come at all.  So there isn't a link for them it's something you have to just find in store if you're lucky.

This post may contain affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.