Saturday, March 25, 2017

Donut forget about Personal Progress!

I think it's pretty well known that I'm a big lover of donuts.  In my book there's always a reason to give or eat a donut (or a dozen)! 

A little while ago I shared this donut Visiting Teaching message and little Visiting Teaching motivator, but I thought I could add a Young Women one in the mix too because who doesn't want a donut! 

To start I made a batch of the best double chocolate donuts from Baking with Blondie.  They were super easy and delicious! 

I dipped them in some Guittard Milk Chocolate Jimmies and rainbow sprinkles at Gygi's in SLC.  They were the perfect addition to our donuts! 

I also picked up some of the cutest white boxes that fit one big donut or 4 mini donuts just splendidly.

This cute little printable is perfect for any time your Young Women need a little motivating to work on their Personal Progress.  I love that you can use this year round and write in the specific value you want the group or individual to work on.  It's great for customizing! 

Wrap some twine around the box and you've got a cute little treat for leaving on their doorstep or passing out at church! 

I found the cutest donut erasers in the Target Dollar Bins that would fit so snuggly in the "o" of the donut!  Break up the pack of 6 and give each girl one or give them each a half dozen. 

If you can't find the erasers and don't want to bother making your own.  You could totally package up one of your favorite donuts or a bag of donut holes from your favorite bakery.  We love Banbury Cross in SLC or Beyond Glaze in Draper!  

But even easier would be found at the grocery store right!?  Hostess always saves the day!  

Donuts sure are motivating.  Maybe that's why my boss gives my group so much. ;)

No matter what you pair with this cute little tag I'm sure your Young Women will love them! 

If you'd like the free 'Donut forget about Personal Progress!'  Printable you can find it HERE!

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