Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Donut" forget to do your Visiting Teaching!

I recently was called as a District Leader for Visiting Teaching in my ward.  I honestly have never been in this calling.  So I'm still learning all the little To Do's for it, but I thought while I'm learning I can throw out a handout to introduce myself to the women in my district!  Sadly about 8 of the ladies in my district live in apartments that I can't drop things off at or in a retirement home that's locked up like crazy.  So we ate a lot of donuts for a few weeks-but I'm not complaining! :)

I decided to cover both my district and the ladies I visit teach all in one to make it easier, but some of those ladies live in apartments too so I couldn't drop them off either.  Boo. 
I found these Hostess Donettes at Smith's for $1 each!  Who doesn't love some mini donuts!

For my District I wanted to do a quick reminder to go Visiting Teaching and tell them about the topic this month.  You know I love donuts so we had to add a cute little clipart of one.

Same little donuts for the ladies I visit teach but with a different tag.  I shared one of my favorite quotes from this last General Conference. 

After I took pictures I wrote all of their names on them so
I'd know where to go and which one went to who. 
Feel free to share, pin and use for yourself! Let me know what else you'd love to see.  Us Warner girls always have something up our sleeves. 
 If you're interested we revised the print out so anyone can use them!  And it's FREE! 
I know I love to keep printables around just in case! 

"Donut" forget to do your visiting teaching! :)

Visiting Teaching Donut Printables

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