Thursday, December 10, 2015

Primary Handouts Update

My Mom has been up to some adorable things in Primary as usual.  

This is another one of her "missed seeing you in Primary" treats.  She dropped this off to a couple of girls in her class along with the handout for that day.  She tied a ribbon around it too, but I snapped a picture too soon.

For Lesson 43-Honoring the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, my Mom gave this cute little handout.  She put a little pack of gum underneath so they could have a little treat too!  Love it!

One of my absolute favorites is this little First Aid kit,
she made this for Lesson 37-I'll serve Jesus Christ by serving others.  **Update** I've finally gotten around to posting the printables to these First Aid kits, if you are interested you can find them HERE!

She filled it with a few fun treats, and added a little note to each one.  I absolutely love how she puts so much thought into her lessons.  I know the kids feel so important when they get these handouts!

My Mom couldn't find a little candy watch so she made her own-she bought some little candy bracelets and added a cut out of a watch head.  She's so creative, I'm telling ya!

She is using the book Primary 3-CTR B if you're interested.  She's always up to something fantastic so I'm sure there will be many more Primary updates soon.

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