Saturday, August 19, 2017

Loaded Nachos

I wanted to do a quick post today to share some great new products I tried thanks to My Sharing Network! They sent me a free sample of Tostitos Splash of Lime Salsa and their Simply Organic Tostitios Scoops!  

We love nachos and knew we had to make some loaded nachos to go with these new, free finds!  

So here's what we did!  Layer chips with lots of fresh cheddar cheese.  Add refried beans, rotisserie chicken, jalapeƱos, diced avocados, tomatoes, sour cream and salsa.  Layer the ingredients to make the nachos last even longer and broil them in the oven for a few minutes.  Seriously this is one of my favorite snacks and can be even a quick meal!  Thanks for the free sample My Sharing Network!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Youth Sunday School Lesson: Keeping a Record

How will keeping a personal journal bless me and my family?

I love journals, even if I'm not the greatest at keeping one myself, I love the idea of them and reflecting on and remembering your life and the little events that its made up of for years to come.  And this lesson made me love journal keeping even more!

We talked about how we can Make the Most of our memories and write them down!  I shared a story about looking back at my own personal journals and journals my ancestors left my family and I have learned so much from past experiences both my own and theirs.  It has made me grow closer to those family members I didn't know in this life, but now feel like I know personally.  Moses 6:45-46 was the perfect addition to this topic.

I found the cutest journals at Walmart for just 50 cents!  I attached a little paper to cover the front with washi tape incase if they already had a journal they could remove it and use it for the new school year.  The quote will hopefully remind them of this lesson and help them think of how the Lord has blessed their life each day.

I also gave a pen to each person so they would have no excuses to start writing!  It's a perfect time to stock up and find good deals on all these things while back to school sales are in full swing.  I found the pens also at Walmart, but you can really find great sales anywhere.

We read Alma 37:8-9 and Moses 6:5 and shared lots of quotes I found while studying for this lesson.  I'll post the quote page printable below if you're interested.  We also discussed President Eyring's talk O Remember, Remember and watched this short video.

I love that when we keep a journal we can reflect, recognize and then remember the hand of God in our own lives.

I also gave each person a little bag of some M&M cookies.  If I had a little bit more time I would have made them from scratch, but I needed a quick treat so store bought worked just fine!  My sweet mom let me use some things from her party and handout stock pile, but you can find almost the same brown bags from Amazon HERE (crazy affordable and you get a bunch too) and the mini white clothes pins from Amazon HERE!

Even though at first I struggled with finding new material for this lesson I think it turned out just splendidly, and I hope it does for your class too!  Let's make your lesson easy and print out the free printables below!

Make the Most of your memories! Journal Tag

Make the Most of your memories! Treat Tag

Quote Page

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Gender Reveal Ice Cream Social

We had a little gender reveal ice cream social to celebrate our little babe!  And oh baby it had some adorable little details.  And a little secret-they were all SUPER inexpensive too! So anyone could throw an ice cream social really.

I got a foam poster board from Dollar Tree and made this little "What's the scoop?" sign to tally guesses from the guests.

I found a simple ice cream clipart and traced scoops on a variety of pink and blue papers.

I found these cute little ice cream pens in the dollar bins at Michael's.  I also found the dot garlands, dot wrapping paper and little pom-poms there too-talk about a score!

I loved watching everyone make their guesses, especially these two cuties!  Can you even handle little Adam and his little shorts and Batman shoes!?!

We had lots of toppings so everyone could create their own special mix.  The toppings included:  mini marshmallows, coconut, mini Reese's, Snicker bites, Butterfinger bits, Twix pieces, baby gummy bears (these were a HIT!), banana slices, rainbow sprinkles, milk chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, chopped walnuts and cherries.  We also had an assortment of cookies and cones.  We had classic flavors of ice cream and different sauces.

The sauce flavors we had:  hot fudge, caramel, strawberry, marshmallow and butterscotch. I'm totally in love with the sauce container, thanks to About a Mom, I'll link it and all the items I can find online below.  I loved the ceramic colored cones I found at Michael's for a steal and the smaller tan ceramic cones I found in the dollar bins at Target.

I love the look of overlapping garlands!  I added a couple cute felt ones to an ice cream cone garland I whipped together real quick!

I think it's safe to say everyone enjoyed the variety of toppings!

I loved having all of my family there and Dallin's parents, we are so grateful for their support!  And these cute little faces made the party even better!

Can you believe there were only 4 people that thought little babe would be a girl?  I was so convinced it would be a boy!

Then for the big reveal!

We found these poppers at Zurchers that were so fun to surprise all of my siblings and our parents with.  They were just hard to twist!

Watch my moms reaction!  Isn't she the cutest!  She also thought it would be a boy and was totally surprised when we found out it was a...


Little babe is a little MISS!! We couldn't be happier!

Well everyone except Adam that is.  He really wanted a boy cousin.  After he started bawling he immediately wanted to start cleaning up all the pink confetti!

As if we didn't have enough ice cream we had an ice cream cake to finish off the night!

Dallin and I live super close to my grandma so we dropped by to tell her the big news!  She also voted boy, but switched to girl right before we told her!

Emma had to get a picture alone with grandma too! haha

As a favor we packed these ice cream cones with our favorite Sweet's taffy!

Adam was pretty excited once he was able to have his own BLUE ice cream cone!

We had so much fun with Dallin's parents and my family.  We are so excited to have our little baby GIRL join us in December.  And throw all the fun parties for her! :)

I just had to mention these baby gummy bears!  They were SO delicious and such a fun find on Amazon!

Look how mini!! I'll give the direct link where you can purchase them below!

Here's where I found all the fun things, with direct links if online:

ice cream garland-made by me

felt dot garlands-Michael's

chalkboard signs-Target Dollar Bins

ice cream pens-Michael's

all toppings, cookies and cones (EXCEPT gummy bears)-Walmart

mini gummy bears-Amazon

colored ceramic cones-Michael's

small tan ceramic cones-Target Dollar Bins

Pom-poms, polka dot wrapping paper, matching ice cream containers, ice cream straws-Michael's

Galvanized Picnic Caddy, perfect fit for the sauces-Amazon

silver trays-Dollar Tree

cupcake stand, used for cones-Target Dollar Bins

gender reveal poppers-Zurchers

ice cream cake-Baskin Robbins

plastic ice cream cones for favors-Dollar Tree

taffy-Sweet's factory

This post may contain affiliate links, but all opinions are-as always my own! :)