Thursday, June 30, 2016

Amazon Beauty Sample Box

Since I'm totally addicted to beauty boxes I always have my eye out for other boxes in the $10 or under range.  I recently discovered Amazon has their own Sample Box for Prime members.  It's $10 plus tax, but the great part is you get a $10 credit to use on specific beauty products.  Or if you find a product in your box you'd like to repurchase you could use the credit towards that. So basically it's the greatest box ever!

I loved finding some drugstore picks that I've been wanting to try for a long time. 

Included in this box:

-black 15 in 1 Miracle Hair Treatment-This miracle hair treatment claims to do 15 different things all to help your hair look and feel great.  It also smells amazing!

-L'OREAL Brow Stylist Sculptor in Brunette-This pencil seems really cool because it has an end for the color, another end for correcting and a small brush to even everything out.

-Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner in Honey Treasures-This claims to strengthen and heal damage and has the perfect honey sent.

-L'oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara in Black-I have heard SO much about this mascara online and from friends.  This claims to give bold, voluminous mascara that builds!

-Mineral Fusion in Graphite-This claims to be a lengthening mascara. Super tiny sample, but still excited to try.

-L'oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion in nude beige w3-This fairly new foundation claims to be buildable yet luminous.  The cushion makes it slightly different then regular liquid foundation found in a bottle. This is another product I've heard a lot about and can't wait to try!

-Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner-Infused with sun-ripened Olive Oil and scented by a fresh flower garden this shampoo and conditioner claims to make dull hair really shine!

I think this is such a great box full of great products.  I wish that it would be a monthly box, but it might be a one time only thing?? If you know more please let me know!  You can find out more info on and try searching Sample-Boxes.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Men's May Target Box

Looking Good
When I noticed a $5 Target men's box for June, I just had to snag one for Dallin.  It's a wifely duty after all, isn't it?  I was a little skeptical that Dallin would totally hate all the products, but I think he loved trying some new stuff.  Some hits and some misses but overall a great box!

Included in this box:

-Nautica Life Cologne-This scent is clean and strong.  Includes notes of ginger, sage, hinoki wood and marine sea moss.

-got2B Glued Spiking Glue-Not really Dallin's type.  But seriously this is glue!  It locks in your style for days!

-Marlowe. No. 142 Men's Shave Gel-This lathering gel adds a hydrating layer between you and your razor for a super close shave.

-Axe White Label Night Body Wash-This body wash cleanses with a great scent that will last!

-Old Spice Hardest Working Deodorant-This deodorant traps odors and instead releases a fresh scent!  Dallin approved!

-Dove Men + Care Complete Care 2-in-1 Shampoo-Great 2-in-1 product that will create strong and resilient hair.  Also smells great!

-NIVEA Men Crème-This creme absorbs quickly, isn't greasy and has a light masculine scent and also can be used anywhere!

-Schick Hydro Men's Razor-Protects against rubs and razor burns.  The gel reservoir hydrates while shaving.

-CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar-I love my CeraVe cleanser so I'm sure this product will be a hit.  This will lock in moisture for 24 hour hydration!

-Remington Beard Boss Beard Oil-This beard oil will keep beards soft and skin hydrated.  Dallin says not to use too much so you don't feel greasy!

-$2 off coupon Schick Hydro 5 razor blade refill

-$3 off coupon Personal care purchase of $15 or more

I thought this was a great little gift for Dallin and he loved trying some new products.  For $5 it didn't break the bank either!  Target mostly has women beauty boxes, but you never know there may be another men's box in the future! If you'd like to check it out on Target's site you can go HERE!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June Target Beauty Box

Sun Kissed

Oh Target you have created a monster!  I CANNOT pass up a beauty box from them.  Heck I even grabbed a dude box for Dallin too!  I just can't pass up all the fun, drugstore finds! 

This box is full of must-haves for the summer and I can't wait to dig in! 

Included in this box:

-Pantene Expert Intense Hydration Shampoo-I mean can you see how huge that sample is?! This shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes to instantly quench dry hair.  I love the scent, so gentle and perfect!

-SheaMosture Fruit Fusion Creme Rinse-After freaking out about the smell I came to the conclusion this is a vacation in a bottle.  This conditioning rinse has a unique blend of fruit extracts to soften and energize hair. Perfect to add some life to fine, wavy or curly hair.

-Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Duo-Perfectly complimentary shades, this duo is perfect for an easy summer look.  I love that there is a light and dark shade!

-Laneige Water Bank Serum-This serum claims to moisturize deep down for supple, silkier skin by using hydro-ionized mineral water and biogen technology.  This formula dries so fast and sinks right in.  There is a faint scent, but it isn't over whelming.  

-S.W. Basics Exfoliant-This exfoliant has 3 organic ingredients including oat flour almond flour and sea salt.  Great for a super-deep clean, this will leave you with soft, glowing skin!

-L'Oreal Paris True Match Cushion in w3-I also received this in my Amazon Box.  This is a liquid foundation that comes with a cushion for buildable coverage and mess-free application.

-L-Oreal Paris Revitalift Volume Filler Cream-This ultra hydrating formula helps give volume to reduce lines and wrinkles.  I always hear it's never to early to start prepping your skin.

-Soap and Glory Righteous Butter Body Butter-This was voted as Britain's Best Body Butter.  So rich and softening this shea butter and aloe vera mix will hold hydration longer to moisturize dry sin.

-Yes To Cucumbers 10-Count Facial Wipes-These towelettes will cleanse and nourish skin, I love that it is made with natural ingredients too!

-CoTZ Face SPF 40-I was a little bummed when I saw this product in the box, just because it was open and got on some other products.  But this is a perfect blend of sunscreen and natural minerals for a non-greasy coverage and soft skin.  It blends so beautifully and so well.  Perfect for those summer pool days!

-e.l.f. Lip Kiss Balm in Bare Kiss-I love e.l.f. products.  You can find great products for an awesome price.  This tinted balm with tons of great vitamins and oils will make your lips soft and totally kissable!

-$2 off coupons for any Pantene Expert product and for any L'Oreal Paris True Match Cosmetics item.

-$3 off coupon for any beauty purchase of $15 or more at Target

Goodness I feel like I just wrote a report, but boy was that the greatest report I've ever written!  As you can tell this box was jam packed with awesome products!  I am obviously a big fan of target and their fun beauty boxes.  

If you would like to try one for yourself you can go HERE!  Just beware they sell out suuuper quickly and they go live at random times.  They will appear currently unavailable until they go live.  It is nice to see what you will be getting so you can make the decision if you want those products before you opt in!  I'd say for $10 it was definitely worth it!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hope you have a CHILL Summer! Printable

Dallin tutors some of the coolest kids during the school year, so we had to celebrate the starting of summer and let them know how much we appreciate them.  We decided to give them a gift card to use whenever they'd like to Baskin Robbins.  Perfect hang out for teens and amazing ice cream too.  You just can't beat all those flavors! 

You may not have some cool kids you tutor, but we made this tag so you can give it to anyone you want!  I was thinking it would be so cute to add this to a gift basket of ice cream sundae makings or an individual topping for a friend or someone you visit teach.  Or even attached to a bag of popsicles for a neighbor or friend.  The possibilities are endless!

I'd love to hear how you plan on using them and what you are going to pair this cute little tag to! I love coloring so I used some thin markers to color these in and they turned out perfectly. 

You can find the printable for a page full of tags HERE!  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Youth Sunday School Lesson: Priesthood Power

How can I use stories to teach others about the priesthood?

My outline for this lesson was pretty relaxed this time around. 

I started with talking about stories, specifically children books or stories we remember hearing when we were younger.  We discussed some of our favorites and what they taught us.

In Teaching, No Greater Call it says, "Some principles, such as faith, love, loyalty, and repentance, cannot be demonstrated because they refer to spiritual realities that we cannot see.  But with stories you can share examples of people living these principles.  For instance, you could use the story of Joseph in Egypt fleeing from Potiphar's wife to teach about integrity.  You could teach about loyalty by telling the story of John Taylor and Willard Richards, who voluntarily risked their lives to stay in Carthage Jail with the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum.  You can also share your own personal experiences.  Fictional stories, including parables, can provide examples of how to live gospel principles."

The Savior shared simple stories, parables, and real-life examples that made sense to those He taught. We hear stories all the time in General Conference, lessons, talks, from friends and family and especially in the scriptures.

"These stories in the scriptures will never grow old.  They will be just as exciting for you when you are reading them as a deacon, a teacher, a priest, a missionary, a home teacher, an elders quorum president, or whatever the Lord calls you to do.  They will teach you to have faith, courage, love for your fellowmen, confidence, and trust in the Lord."  -L. Tom Perry

I told the class that we would be hearing, reading and even watching some stories about priesthood power and would like them to write down their thoughts, impressions or anything that comes to their mind throughout the lesson.
I then gave them the worksheet to write on (printable can be found below).

We read Acts 3: 1-9 and 3 Nephi 18: 1-9.

We then did the exercise shared on  I divided the class into three groups and gave each group a story to read from General Conference.  After they read the story they summarized the story to the rest of the class and explained what it taught about the priesthood.  I used these three talks:

"On Being Genuine" By President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"The Powers of Heaven" By Elder David A. Bednar

"The Priesthood of Aaron" By L. Tom Perry

We then watched the video "Sanctify Yourselves".

You could definitely find even more stories and of course I gave time to share their own personal stories and testimonies regarding the priesthood. 

We then played Priesthood Power Bingo!  I got this cute idea from Kandy Kreations.  she created a great Priesthood Bingo Review.  She also created 30 different bingo cards so if you have a larger class/activity be sure to check her site out! 

I decided to use most of her words and add a couple of my own to relate more to this specific lesson. I decided to change up the boards a little bit and of course add some fun clipart, and thanks to Brittany they turned out absolutely perfect. This game is perfect for remembering the specifics of the priesthood.  As we played bingo I gave the definition of the word and they would give the answer.  Kandy Kreations has links to every word she used in her bingo.  The only words I added were Stories and Sacrament.  You could use candy or any small objects for markers, I used little star erasers.

The first few people that got bingo got to choose an extra treat or a scripture marker or highlighter. 

To finish the lesson I gave everyone a Reese's peanut butter cup with these clever tags on top, you can find the adorable tags at the very bottom of the page HERE at Older and Wisor.

Even though I used this for a Youth Sunday School class you could really use these printables and ideas for anything!  Young women activities, lessons, FHE, the list could go on and on.  We created 10 different bingo boards with calling cards, so all you have to do is print and play!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Parmesan Rolls

If we aren't having our favorite easy breadsticks you bet you can find these rolls on our dinner table!  I found this recipe at Your Homebased Mom and we absolutely love it! 
This recipe is super simple and only requires a few steps and ingredients. 

Parmesan Rolls
  • 1 bag of frozen dinner rolls
  • Mayonnaise (amount depends on number of rolls you are making)
  • Melted Butter
  • Freshly shredded Parmesan Cheese
  • Garlic Powder
  • Dried Parsley
    Place mayo, cheese and butter in separate bowls.  Take frozen ball of dough, dip the top half into each bowl starting with the mayo, then the butter and finally the cheese.  Work quickly so your fingers don't get too cold!  Place roll into a well greased muffin tin (cheese side up).  Sprinkle with garlic powder and dried parsley and let rise according to the directions (usually 5-6 hours).  Bake according to package directions. 
    You can find the recipe on Your Homebased Mom as well HERE! 

    Wednesday, June 15, 2016

    Pirate O's Haul

    One of our favorite places to shop for treats is Pirate O's in Draper.  It really is such a fun hidden gem! 

    Pirate O's is known for their imported goodies including candy, chocolates and different cheeses.  They also have tons of other cool food items there too.  We went a little crazy the last time we went there and decided to do a taste test of a lot of the things we've wanted to try but have never gotten around to. 

    They also have quite a selection of different drinks, including tons of different sodas. 

    We decided to rate all our treats on a scale of 1-5. 1 being not so great and 5 being amazing!  We didn't rate our drinks because we both really liked them.

    D=Dallin's rating 

    R=my rating

    Dallin's choice the Nuclear Orange Bomb
    -Hint of cream, it was delicious.

    My choice the Goya Coconut Soda
    -Super refreshing hint of Coconut that wasn't too much!  I totally loved it.

    Kinder Bueno Bar D5 R5
    -Like a Happy Hippo but a more sophisticated version.
    -Thin wafer covered in chocolate with a nutella cream center.
    -This is one of our all time favorites! We've bought this for years!

    Mars Bar D4 R3
    -This was very similar to a Milky Way.

    Twirl D2 R3
    - This seriously had ripples of chocolate.  I tried to capture it in a picture but i don't know if I could catch it.  It was a fun change!

    Lion D4 R4.5
    -Cross between a Kit Kat and a 100 Grand Bar.
    -Totally has my vote!

    Cadbury Dairy Milk Carmel D 4.5 R 4
    -Cadbury milk chocolate with a carmel center not so creamy it gets everywhere and not too firm either. Just right!

    Cadbury Salted Carmel Crunch Fingers D4  R3
    -Caramel flavor biscuits with a delicious salty crunch, enrobed in a velvety smooth Cadbury milk chocolate.

    Loacker Gran Pasticceria Coconut D4.5  R7
    -Fine Milk Chocolate Biscuits with Coconut cream.
    -SO good perfect mix of chocolate and coconut.
    -So delicious I cheated on the rating!!

    Cadbury Flake D4 R4
    Like the Twirl but without the chocolate layer over it all.  It was VERY messy but the chocolate was delicious and we felt like the chocolate was a lot better than the Twirl!

    Wunderbar D4 R4
    -A peant butter caramel experience! So good!
    -Like a Take 5 but without the pretzel.

    Nestle Munchies D 2.5 R 2
    -Definitely our least favorite of the bunch. 
    -Tastes like a Rolo but worse.  It also had a crunchy inside with the caramel and we just did not prefer it.

    This was just our haul this time around, but we are regulars at good old Pirate O's.  If you have any recommendations we should try we would love to hear them!

    Pirate O's
    111901 S. 700 E. Draper, UT

    Wednesday, June 8, 2016

    Youth Sunday School Lesson: Reverence Invites Revelation

    How does reverence help me receive revelation?

    I have absolutely loved teaching our Youth Sunday School class.  I wanted to share some of the ways I made this lesson a little more personalized for our class, and to hopefully help you fellow teachers out there! I always love a good lesson plan!

    Bee reverent so you can receive revelation!

    I started with asking what reverence meant to them.  Which lead into how reverence is profound respect and love.  We then read the definition of reverence in True to the Faith.  When we are reverent, we show our love for God and are better able to receive personal revelation. 
    How awesome is it that no message appears in the scriptures more times, and in more ways than, "Ask, and ye shall receive."  We can always pray to our Heavenly Father and ask.  He will answer!  We then read D&C 8: 2-3.  And discussed how revelation is communication from God to His children and how it comes in many different ways.  I asked the youth what ways they have heard of people receiving revelation.  Most revelation comes through the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. 
    "This spiritual communication comes into the mind, it comes more as a feeling, an impression, than simply a thought." -Boyd K. Packer
    I thought about reading Revelation in True to the Faith as well, but didn't have time.  We read Helaman 5: 30.  That is why it is so important that we keep the Spirit with us because then we will always be able to hear the still small voice of the Holy Ghost.  You could even discuss descriptive words of the Holy Ghost.
    We then talked about how the world is getting increasingly noisier.  With TV, radio, music, and the internet we live in a day that there is always something going on and something you can hear, watch or read.  If we don't make time to be reverent and connect with our Father in Heaven our personal revelation can be blocked.
    I love this quote from Boyd K. Packer that says, "The first order issued by a commander mounting a military invasion is the jamming of the channels of communication of those he intends to conquer.  Irreverence suits the purposes of the adversary by obstructing the delicate channels of revelation in both mind and spirit." 
    So to make sure we keep the channels of communication open Elder Bruce R. McConkie said we can do these 3 things. 
    1.  Search the scriptures.
    2. Keep the commandments.
    3. Ask in faith.
    When we add reverence to these 3 things we can expect a change in our spiritual growth, knowledge, and peace.  This quote from Joseph B. Wirthlin also goes along with this, "If we configure our hearts and minds properly with faith, disciplined obedience, prayer, and scripture study, we can access the network of divine and eternal truths.  We can receive the teachings and counsel of God's prophet, opening to us knowledge and revelation from our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ."
    We also talked about the Manti Pageant and Joseph Smith's story focusing on revelation.  He gave us a great example of how we can prepare to receive revelation. 
    We briefly discussed the other things mentioned in the lesson that can help us maintain and show reverence, including using reverential words in our prayers, singing along with all hymns and staying reverent at church.  We talked about how we could take notes, not look at phones, participate and listen carefully to lessons too!
    "While we may not see an immediate, miraculous transformation, as surely as the Lord lives, a quiet one will take place.  The spiritual power in the lives of each member and in the Church will increase.  The Lord will pour out his Spirit upon us more abundantly.  We will be less troubled, less confused.  We will find revealed answers to personal and family problems without all the counseling which we seem now to need." -Boyd K. Packer
    Now onto the cute stuff!  If you know me, you KNOW I always need to add a special touch to the lesson.  Going along with "Bee"-ing reverent I ran with the bee theme.  To start I wrote on the board Bee reverent so you can receive revelation with a little bee.  I wanted to give the class a little take home treat so Dallin and I ran to about every chocolate store I could think of to find foil wrapped bees.  Rumor has it Cummings have them, but we were in Sandy for the day so we went to Chocolate Cottage.  If you are in the area they have the best chocolate covered grapes!  Luckily Chocolate Cottage had some chocolate bees.  With a quick switch of ribbons they were instantly better!


    Since I go a little overboard sometimes I also made some peanut butter bees they could snack on in class.  I just followed my peanut butter ball recipe, I was a little bit more careful with the stripes by using a Ziploc bag for the chocolate, added some sliced almonds for wings and mini chocolate chips for the eyes and stingers.  If you wanted to go the extra mile you could roll and form them into little almost football shapes so they look even more like bees, but I went the easier route with a small cookie scoop.  The youth took some home to their families too since we had so many!

    Lastly I gave a little print out to remind them about this lesson.  If you're interested you can find the printable down below.

    I used bright yellow paper to go with the black and yellow bee theme I was going for but you could really use any color or even just white!

    Printable here>>> Bee Reverent Printable 
    If you are interested in knowing which general conference talks I researched and used in this lesson I will list them with the links down below.  Even if you aren't planning a lesson they make for a great read!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Monday, June 6, 2016

    Heath Bar Cake

    I'm not even joking I could probably eat a whole pan of this cake.  By myself!  I remember going to one of my best friends birthday parties in high school and her mom made this cake.  I never got the recipe from her and I was dreaming of it for years, until my Aunt June gave me this recipe and I finally found my dream cake!  

    This cake is one for the books.  It has caramel, sweetened condensed milk and Heath bars!  All the favorites!
    You can tell by the step-by-step pictures how easy it is!

    Heath Bar Cake

    1 Pillsbury with Pudding German Chocolate Cake mix (plus ingredients on back to bake as directed)
    1 can sweetened condensed milk
    Smucker's Caramel Sundae Syrup
    1 (8 oz.) Cool Whip
    6 Heath bars, chopped

    Bake cake mix as directed on package.  While still hot, punch holes 1 to 1 1/2 inches apart with the end of a wooden spoon or fork.  Pour sweetened condensed milk into holes and over entire cake.  Pour caramel topping over cake and cool in refrigerator.  Let sit for at least an hour or longer in fridge, the longer the better!  Spread Cool Whip over cake.  Chop Heath bars and sprinkle on top.  

    I made this for my Dad's birthday party last month and everyone loved it! 
     It's definitely a crowd pleaser!

    Thursday, June 2, 2016

    May 2016 Highlights

    May was such a great month! 
    We kicked it off with my Dad's birthday on the first.  I made a Heath Bar cake (recipe coming soon)!  This picture was taken right as Emma blew out my Dad's only candle. haha She's pretty hilarious!

    We also celebrated Mother's Day.  I gave each of our Moms and Grandmas a little box of chocolates with this cute printable.  I LOVE coloring so I had a ball with this.  You can find the printable HERE!
    I seriously have the sweetest family!  My Mom gave each girl in the family some treats for Mother's day!  That Aloha Coconut Chapstick is the bomb!!

    And Brittany gave each girl a super sweet card from Emma and Adam.  Of course they helped too! On each flower they had reasons why they love me.  It was the cutest thing ever.  Brittany is such a creative lady!
    I made the most amazing Tres Leches cake guys!  It was seriously so good!  I found the recipe at The Domestic Rebel and it didn't disappoint and it was SO easy too!  You can find the recipe HERE!  I only added a little bit more sugar to the whipped cream but other then that I followed the recipe exactly. 
    Dallin went on a business trip (BOO!) for a week!  So I got to spend some time with these amazing ladies!  These girls are seriously the best!

    And I had tons of bonding time with my favorites too!  My family is really the best!  They helped me so much while Dallin was gone and we had so much fun!
    OH and don't be alarmed I do in fact have 2 eyebrows!
    One night we met in SLC to go to the library so we could go to a Film Festival, where one of Bethany's videos was going to be played.  The view was amazing on our walk around the library.
    Inside is pretty sweet too!
    Peonies are some of my favorite flowers so when I found them at Trader Joe's I grabbed some while I had the chance!
    Look at what a few hours did to them. 
    Bethy also went to Prom and I volunteered to do her makeup and hair.  We wanted to keep her makeup natural looking because she is so perfect already.  She looked great and it was so fun to be with her before she left!

    I have finally come to realize that I have an addiction to beauty subscription boxes.  So many fun products.  I've got loads of reviews if you want to search for them under my Beauty Boxes label.

    I taught our Sunday School on the May topic of Prophets and Revelation-How does reverence help me receive revelation?  I've got a post coming soon about all of that cuteness!
    Dallin wrapped up another great year of tutoring.  He tutors some of the nicest kids so we wanted to give them a little treat for the summer!  I'll have a post coming soon including those cute chill summer printables! 
    We went to the zoo with my sister's cute family and we had a blast!  I had to go for a report for one of my classes but it was seriously the best "field trip" I've ever been on.  I mean look at those cute faces!! 

    We also made Sunday dinner for my family and we had my grandma over, it was so nice!  Then went to Bethany's seminary graduation!
    Memorial day was a whirlwind.  We had the Strong breakfast followed by a Bridal Shower and a birthday lunch for my father in law then a BBQ at my parents house.  So much family time and so much fun! 
    How is time passing so fast!?!