Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 2016 Highlights

May was such a great month! 
We kicked it off with my Dad's birthday on the first.  I made a Heath Bar cake (recipe coming soon)!  This picture was taken right as Emma blew out my Dad's only candle. haha She's pretty hilarious!

We also celebrated Mother's Day.  I gave each of our Moms and Grandmas a little box of chocolates with this cute printable.  I LOVE coloring so I had a ball with this.  You can find the printable HERE!
I seriously have the sweetest family!  My Mom gave each girl in the family some treats for Mother's day!  That Aloha Coconut Chapstick is the bomb!!

And Brittany gave each girl a super sweet card from Emma and Adam.  Of course they helped too! On each flower they had reasons why they love me.  It was the cutest thing ever.  Brittany is such a creative lady!

I made the most amazing Tres Leches cake guys!  It was seriously so good!  I found the recipe at The Domestic Rebel and it didn't disappoint and it was SO easy too!  You can find the recipe HERE!  I only added a little bit more sugar to the whipped cream but other then that I followed the recipe exactly. 
Dallin went on a business trip (BOO!) for a week!  So I got to spend some time with these amazing ladies!  These girls are seriously the best!

And I had tons of bonding time with my favorites too!  My family is really the best!  They helped me so much while Dallin was gone and we had so much fun!
OH and don't be alarmed I do in fact have 2 eyebrows!

One night we met in SLC to go to the library so we could go to a Film Festival, where one of Bethany's videos was going to be played.  The view was amazing on our walk around the library.

Inside is pretty sweet too!
Peonies are some of my favorite flowers so when I found them at Trader Joe's I grabbed some while I had the chance!

Look at what a few hours did to them. 
Bethy also went to Prom and I volunteered to do her makeup and hair.  We wanted to keep her makeup natural looking because she is so perfect already.  She looked great and it was so fun to be with her before she left!

I have finally come to realize that I have an addiction to beauty subscription boxes.  So many fun products.  I've got loads of reviews if you want to search for them under my Beauty Boxes label.

I taught our Sunday School on the May topic of Prophets and Revelation-How does reverence help me receive revelation?  I've got a post coming soon about all of that cuteness!

Dallin wrapped up another great year of tutoring.  He tutors some of the nicest kids so we wanted to give them a little treat for the summer!  I'll have a post coming soon including those cute chill summer printables! 
We went to the zoo with my sister's cute family and we had a blast!  I had to go for a report for one of my classes but it was seriously the best "field trip" I've ever been on.  I mean look at those cute faces!! 

We also made Sunday dinner for my family and we had my grandma over, it was so nice!  Then went to Bethany's seminary graduation!
Memorial day was a whirlwind.  We had the Strong breakfast followed by a Bridal Shower and a birthday lunch for my father in law then a BBQ at my parents house.  So much family time and so much fun! 
How is time passing so fast!?!

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