Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pirate O's Haul

One of our favorite places to shop for treats is Pirate O's in Draper.  It really is such a fun hidden gem! 

Pirate O's is known for their imported goodies including candy, chocolates and different cheeses.  They also have tons of other cool food items there too.  We went a little crazy the last time we went there and decided to do a taste test of a lot of the things we've wanted to try but have never gotten around to. 

They also have quite a selection of different drinks, including tons of different sodas. 

We decided to rate all our treats on a scale of 1-5. 1 being not so great and 5 being amazing!  We didn't rate our drinks because we both really liked them.

D=Dallin's rating 

R=my rating

Dallin's choice the Nuclear Orange Bomb
-Hint of cream, it was delicious.

My choice the Goya Coconut Soda
-Super refreshing hint of Coconut that wasn't too much!  I totally loved it.

Kinder Bueno Bar D5 R5
-Like a Happy Hippo but a more sophisticated version.
-Thin wafer covered in chocolate with a nutella cream center.
-This is one of our all time favorites! We've bought this for years!

Mars Bar D4 R3
-This was very similar to a Milky Way.

Twirl D2 R3
- This seriously had ripples of chocolate.  I tried to capture it in a picture but i don't know if I could catch it.  It was a fun change!

Lion D4 R4.5
-Cross between a Kit Kat and a 100 Grand Bar.
-Totally has my vote!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Carmel D 4.5 R 4
-Cadbury milk chocolate with a carmel center not so creamy it gets everywhere and not too firm either. Just right!

Cadbury Salted Carmel Crunch Fingers D4  R3
-Caramel flavor biscuits with a delicious salty crunch, enrobed in a velvety smooth Cadbury milk chocolate.

Loacker Gran Pasticceria Coconut D4.5  R7
-Fine Milk Chocolate Biscuits with Coconut cream.
-SO good perfect mix of chocolate and coconut.
-So delicious I cheated on the rating!!

Cadbury Flake D4 R4
Like the Twirl but without the chocolate layer over it all.  It was VERY messy but the chocolate was delicious and we felt like the chocolate was a lot better than the Twirl!

Wunderbar D4 R4
-A peant butter caramel experience! So good!
-Like a Take 5 but without the pretzel.

Nestle Munchies D 2.5 R 2
-Definitely our least favorite of the bunch. 
-Tastes like a Rolo but worse.  It also had a crunchy inside with the caramel and we just did not prefer it.

This was just our haul this time around, but we are regulars at good old Pirate O's.  If you have any recommendations we should try we would love to hear them!

Pirate O's
111901 S. 700 E. Draper, UT

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