Friday, October 28, 2016

October Glam Bag

Black Magic
Hey, Boo!
This months glam bag is perfect for Halloween!  With products that help your look last all day (or night) long!
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This cute bag was custom designed by Valfre. I love the light pink color and adorable ghost zipper.  The attention to detail is perfection.

Here's what I got inside!
-Sally's Box Aqua Moist Gel Cream- This is so creamy and smells just like a spa.  This gel cream is supposed to give skin a much-needed hydrating wakeup call.  With natural minerals it cools and soothes the skin instantly. 

-Ciate London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner-This long lasting and budge proof formula is perfect for everyday or a night out!  It's also a breeze to apply!

-Trust Fund Beauty Gimme Good Face, Face Primer-I love that this is like a "selfie filter for your face" this primer will smooth out any imperfections to leave you looking your very best.

-Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation-I love that this foundation is a lightweight texture, gives the appearance of flawless skin, is buildable to medium coverage, leaves a natural finish, AND lasts all day. Looks completely natural on camera and to the naked eye.  What more could you want in a foundation!

-Kokie Cosmetics Kokie Nail Polish in Heavenly-This professional quality lacquer is made in an array of superior trendsetting colors. I love that it should last all week long, no chips found here!

Overall I really liked this months bag!  As always I love the mix of different makeup products for different purposes, no repeats either!
If you'd like to learn even more about these products or Ipsy's Glam Bags you can go HERE! 

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween Party Ideas: Games, Food and Decorations

My cute Mom has always thrown the BEST parties!  Really ever since I can remember we were planning a party whether it be a birthday, shower or holiday party.  I'm sure if you've been a follower of this blog for any length of time you know she always puts a special touch on anything she does. 

Last Sunday she had a Candy Corn Halloween Party for our family, everyone had so much fun!  Luckily for all of us she wanted to share all her fun finds with all of you too!

These party ideas are perfect for last minute party prepping or if you are in need of a fun and easy game or two!

Let's start with the tablescape.  I love that she kept it clean and cute!  And those milk glasses full of orange soda were the perfect addition.  I'll list where she got everything below!
For food she planned and prepared everything, and assigned us girls dessert.  Brittany and I created some fun candy corn themed goodies (with some help from Mom:)!

I brought candy corn rice krispie treats!  They were delicious, surprisingly easy and so festive!  I used my basic rice krispie treat recipe (you can find HERE) and made two batches.  The first batch I colored the melted marshmallow mixture yellow, formed the bottom layer of candy corn around a round cake pan.  Use a measuring cup for a nice clean edge and flat top.  With the next batch I used about 4 cups of cereal for the orange layer and 2 cups for the white layer and eye balled the marshmallow (make sure to take out the white marshmallow before you tint it orange!).  Simply keep layering until the cake pan is full and you have a ring of yellow, orange and white in the middle.  Set in the fridge till serving, pull out of fridge about 10 minutes before cutting and cut in triangles.
Just a word of advise, you may want to have more pans on hand, and make the rice krispies less thick.  We kept cutting them smaller because there was just SO much rice krispie treat.  This size was not for the faint of heart! :)

Brittany made these adorable candy corn cupcakes.  She split the batter into three and colored each one yellow, orange and white; layered each one in the baking liners and baked like normal.  It was so cool to see the layers once you took a bite!

For the main course my Mom made two different soups and had pumpkin bread bowls!
Completely delicious!

She made Taco Soup and Potato Soup.  We love my Mom's Taco Soup recipe!  The Potato Soup was a new recipe she tried and we all loved it you can find the recipe HERE!

She had a trio of toppings:  sour cream, shredded cheese, and bacon bits.

I love what she did to a basic cheeseball!  She rolled the store bought cheeseball in shredded carrots and placed a celery stalk in the middle.  Super easy and super cute! 

Here's the full spread!  Look in the background do you see those two cuties?  They were so excited to eat they were sitting at their table WAY before we even started eating.
My Mom even set the table for them with a Trick or Treat bucket full of crayons and coloring pages. She found the cute little coloring pages HERE!
Back to the spread! 
She had so many different vegetables with our favorite veggie dip in a perfect little pumpkin. 

She prepped all the veggies before and put them in large gallon sized bags so it was easy to pull out when we were ready to eat.

Let me tell you everything was amazing!

After eating it was time for games!  We started with Brittany's Halloween Bingo. 
Can we just take a minute to look at how adorable these are!  She is such a wizard at making things on her computer!  She has this FREE printable on her TPT store if you'd like to snag a copy you can go HERE!

My Mom filled a huge basket with all different prizes that everyone would love from candy to organizing bins, Halloween towels, money and more! 

Bingo was good to me this time around!
After Halloween Bingo we played Pass the Broom!  We all got in a big circle and started passing the broom, my Mom had Halloween music playing and my Dad would turn it off randomly.  Who ever had the broom when the music stopped got a prize from the basket.

My Mom was a Room Mom for as long as I can remember in our elementary school classes.  She would always play this with the class and if they were older she would add another broom stick, both going different ways to make it even more exciting!  When the music stopped for the class the two people with the broom would be out, they would keep playing till it was down to one or two people depending on how many brooms you are using.

Next game Pumpkin Toss!  My Mom has these cute pumpkin containers with numbers on them but these would be a cinch to make. To play just determine a line and toss!  Whoever gets the highest number wins.

I loved these eyeball balls my mom had to toss! 

My Mom packed a little treat bag for each of us full of chocolate!  Our favorite! 
With a cute little candy corn on the back too. She thinks of everything! 

Here's where she found everything, if it's not listed below feel free to leave a comment!

-Trick or Treat products including plates, napkins, cupcake signs, and favor bags: Hobby Lobby (all were 40% off!)

-Milk bottles:  Michael's (use 40% off coupon)

-Black and White straws:  Target $1 Spot

-Pumpkin Bread Bowls:  Harmon's

-Cheeseball:  Harmon's

-Chalkboard signs:  Target $1 Spot

-Candy corn cupcake liners:  Hobby Lobby

-Halloween Bingo:  Brittany's Halloween Bingo-Free Printable HERE

-Pumpkin Toss bin:  Target

-Eyeball balls:  Michael's (50% off)

-Little candy corn on back of favor bags:  Michael's (40% off)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

September 2016 Highlights

On to September! 

This was our last month at our apartment and with our Sunday School class in our ward so we wanted to make sure our class got to try some of our favorite cookies!  If you'd like the recipe for these Peanut Butter Brownie Bites you can go HERE!

I spaced that it was Fast Sunday that week so I packaged them up early that morning so they could eat them after their fast.  If you'd like to read up on the lesson I gave to go with these amazing cookies about Keeping the Commandments you can go HERE!

Dine O Round started in good old SLC and we were so glad we were still living in SLC...until we saw the menu and pricing.  Prices went up and made it not such a great deal for most of the restaurants, we still went to one we thought was a good deal and wanted to try though. 
We went to SoCo and it was delicious!  Southern comfort food at its finest.  I had the most delicious fried chicken I gobbled it up so quick I forgot to take a picture! I also got these Hush Puppies for an appetizer and a brownie sundae for dessert.
Have you ever been to Mrs. Call's in Midway?  If not it's a definite must!  We went on one of their Saturday Seconds days and got a huge bag of amazing chocolate dipped caramels for a super good price.  People go bonkers for their caramels, and rightfully so! 

While we were in Midway we heard rave reviews of CafĂ© Galleria, and it was actually on our Dining Bucket List too.  This place was kind of a dud though.  We didn't really like our pizzas and the service was definitely not great. Maybe we just went on a bad day?? 

For Cody's Birthday we went to the Steak Pit up Little Cottonwood Canyon and it was of course perfect!

We went to the State Fair and loved it!

Dallin wasn't up for smiling for pictures as you can tell...but Emma's smile was on point that night!

I gave my last Sunday School lesson in our ward. :(  This lesson was all about how being obedient to the Gospel will give us the most rewarding and best fruit possible, if you'd like to learn more about that lesson you can go HERE!

We got some delicious dipped fruit at our favorite chocolate shop downtown-Cummings!

My cute Mom's birthday is in September!  Love that lady!

We moved out of our apartment into our first home! We had two moving times so one night we had sugar cookies from Schmidt's Bakery, and the next morning we had Banbury Cross Doughnuts!  Their filled doughnut holes are amazing!!!

We had so many awesome helpers, I can't believe I only got a picture of these two!  Dallin and I have incredible family members!

Here's our apartment.  It will always hold a special place in my heart.  I never wanted to live in SLC, really Dallin had to convince me.  But we lived on the top floor of this cute, little, old house and we loved it.  Yeah the summers were really hot and the winters were really cold and I couldn't fit all my pans in my mini Easy Bake Oven like oven but we survived! :)

We had been house hunting for almost 8 months and we were so happy to find something that was just perfect for us!  We love this cute, little home of ours!

I also got loads of Beauty Boxes!  If you'd like to see some First Impressions and Reviews you can search under labels on the right side under Beauty Boxes! 

So make sure to check back on house updates!  Thanks for reading! :)