Friday, October 21, 2016

August 2016 Highlights

I realize we are now in OCTOBER, but I can't miss these Highlights.  It's kind of like my little journal of pictures, I love to remember the small things. 

We started the month with one of our favorite things to do each year.  Parade of Homes!  Dallin had to leave on a work trip during it so we had to be quick.  We took a day off of work and saw tons of homes that day.  This was the first year we saw every single home.  It was so fun!

This one was our very favorite one. ^^^

The only picture of an interior I took was to show my brother.  haha It still is pretty sweet though!

While Dallin was on his work trip I got to spend some time with my fam!  I loved the shopping trips we had!  I tell Dallin I spend way more when he's out of town because I don't want him to leave again. ;)

Excuse the blurriness, but look at what is at Hogle Zoo!! Little lion cubs.  Dallin's work had a Summer event there and we loved looking at all the animals and of course eating Dippin Dots! :)

I've always wanted to host a s'more party so I thought what the heck, let's just do it!  I threw it together in a couple of hours so I didn't have all of my friends and family or cute party favors, but we still had fun!

Dallin and Emma were the perfect helpers.  While Dallin was starting the fire, Emma was instructing everyone to get chairs and even got her own!

My brother Brandon and his wife are having a baby and had a gender reveal party for family.  They love bees so I thought their cake was perfect for them! 

We are so excited to meet little baby GIRL Warner in January!

My mother and father in law invited us to Hale Center Theater to see Beauty and the Beast with them!  We loved going to dinner before and enjoying this awesome show together.  It really was so well done.  I mean just look at those roses!!

I made some of my No Bake Cookies!  So easy and delicious, you can find the recipe HERE!

Brittany's family came downtown to hang out with us for a night.  We had dinner, got ice cream, and went to the Disney store at City Creek.  We had so much fun with them, as usual!

Adam LOVED going up and down the escalators, he could have done that all night!

These two are such an adorable pair!!

Funny story about that night we were watching the two kids for seriously like 2 minutes while Brittany and Aaron ran into a store.  After about 30 seconds Emma said, "Where's my mom?  I miss her!"  After trying to tell her it would only be a second, Brittany called out "I'm coming" and with the cutest face ever Emma said "Oh, dreams really do come true!!"  We laughed pretty hard at that one.

Dallin started up tutoring again, we gave them each a little bag of cookies to ring in the new school year. 

You can find the printable HERE!

We filled those bags with Non Frosted Smart Cookies, but this is what Frosted Smart Cookies look like.  This is what dreams are made of people! 

They taste absolutely amazing!  We had some more to celebrate Cody's Birthday and everyone loved them.

I got my Endless Summer VoxBox, full of so many great and free products!  I love Influenster!  I recently started another Instagram account for all the free products I receive from different sites which I absolutely love to try and review.  If you'd like to follow along you can go HERE!

Speaking of free, fabulous things I also got a coupon from BzzAgent to try an Urban Pie Pizza for FREE!  It was totally delicious! If you're interested you can find them in the freezer section at Walmart.

While we were still living in Salt Lake we wanted to soak up all our favorite things.  One of them being walks at Memory Grove Park.

It is so peaceful and pretty!  If you're in the area be sure to take a minute and walk around.

I made this chocolate lasagna for family dinner and it was such a crowd pleaser and so, so easy!

I'm sure most of you know my mom is pretty incredible.  I joke with her that this blog should be called her name because she has so many great ideas that I love to share them!  Out of the blue she gave me this perfectly pink glass container from Hobby Lobby-full of candy.  She's the sweetest!

Next up September Highlights!  Hopefully! :)

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