Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hey Smart Cookie!

I've mentioned before that Dallin loves to tutor during the school year.  Every year when back to school comes around he gets so excited to catch up with the kids he's come to be friends with and gets so excited to work with them again.  He is so good with teens and awesome with homework (trust me I know) so it's the perfect after work gig for him. 
Last year we started giving them little treats here and there to let them know just how cool we think they are!

So for back to school we hoped to ring in the new school year with good vibes and cookies!

Have you ever been to Smart Cookie?  It's the best cookie shop in town!  Their Lemon Drop frosted sugar cookie is one of my favorites including their Classic Vanilla sugar cookie of course, but really I've heard great things about all of them Frosted, and Gourmet Non-Frosted alike!

This time we decided to go the Gourmet Non-Frosted route.  So we packaged some delicious cookies up for each person in adorable little bags and of course attached a fun little tag. My mom found these cute bags at Zurcher's in all different colors.  Just a word of advice, if you plan on putting baked goods in these bags be sure to first put them in a plastic bag or line the bag with wax paper so the bag doesn't get dirty. 

I'm thinking they will love them, what do you think?

If you'd like the tag they would be a perfect little addition to homemade cookies or store bought or even a tub of cookie dough for neighbors, teachers and students to celebrate back to school-you can find it HERE!

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