Tuesday, August 16, 2016

July 2016 Highlights

Oh July! I can't believe it's already come and gone. 

We celebrated our 1st Anniversary up in Park City with incredible nachos at The Montage.  We also strolled through the Outlets for a little bit and got ice cream on Main Street.  We had some extra time so we also went on a little scenic drive.  We loved it!

We also loved reminiscing about that fun day a year ago.  I've shared loads of pictures and thoughts about this day under the Label of Summer Lovin if you'd like to reminisce with us you can go HERE!

My mom was the absolute sweetest and surprised us with a box of chocolates form See's with all our favorites!

We celebrated the 4th and 24th!  Below are some of my favorite pictures like ever.  Dallin and Emma really are such good friends, and I love it! I mean look at their faces and Emmas little dress, heart eyes all around!

My amazing parents had tons of food for us and we finished the night with s'mores.

My parents next door neighbors were also having a party in their backyard and had great fireworks, we had pretty amazing seats for the show! :)

I made some fruit cookies-you can find my recipe HERE! Instead of shaping the dough out in a pizza I scooped the dough out with a cookie scoop and flattened them before I put them in the oven.  

I'm sorry I can't help myself! haha

Brittany gave us all a cute 4th of July star wreath!

I taught our Sunday School Lesson on the importance of covenants and made these cute little candy airplanes for the class!  You can find my lesson outline and printouts HERE!

We went to Bear Lake with my family and I ate waaaay too many of these...
If you'd like to see our favorite spots in Garden City you can go HERE!

We decided to extend our anniversary celebrations a little bit and go to the Steak Pit one night, while we were heading up for their summer movies on the plaza deck. 

Did you know if you eat at The Steak Pit you can take your receipt to the ticket desk and they will give you tram tickets-for free!  It was the best thing ever and perfect to sneak in right before the movie started.

Sorry for the picture overload it was just so dang pretty.  They even have tables and chairs up there you can just chill and enjoy the incredible scenery.  We're hoping to go back up sometime and pack a picnic!

This is what we watched Inside Out on, at sunset! Really it's so fun, they have the list of movies on their site, but sadly the movie season is over.  :(  Make sure to go next year!

We loved how you can see the stars so perfectly too!

We went to the Dinosaur Museum for a project for a class of mine and we took a long a few cute kids so we didn't look too crazy!
Adam HAD to take a picture with the big dinosaur out front, look how little he is!!

Ah he's adorable!  We had such a fun time!

We also went to a baby blessing for Dallin's brothers baby which was so fun and saw The Secret Life of Pets (FYI we were a little disappointed with it).
And that's a wrap for JULY!

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