Sunday, August 14, 2016

ZzzQuil Review

This summer our schedule has been packed which leads to more than a few late nights, and switching up our sleeping schedule.  I already have a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep.  So this combo was definitely not ideal.

Introducing ZzzQuil!  These small little pills help you sleep a full night through and get you to sleep faster.  So of course I was all in to test it out!

Claims to:
-Help you fall asleep in less than 20 minutes
-Sleep Soundly. Wake refreshed.
-Not for pain.  Just for sleep.
-Ensure time to get a sufficient night's sleep (7-8 hours).

Actually did:
-I'll be honest the first time I received a sample of this I was not impressed.  I did not fall asleep quickly, nor did I stay asleep through the night.  It was really like any other sleepless night.  But I had a very different experience the second time I tried the same sample, I was struggling to fall asleep, took these and within less than 10 minutes I was out.  Moral of the story I think you have to be even a little bit tired to help this product work it's magic.
-If you're restless, tired and having a hard time falling asleep it will help you get to sleep faster.
-No drowsiness after waking up. 

As I mentioned before this product was totally up my alley, but I have slightly mixed reviews.  If this product would work as it did the second time a tried it-every time I would totally love it.  If you have other sleeping tips please let me know!

I got this sample for free from Influenster.  All opinions are my own.

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