Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bear Lake 2016

Every summer we go up to Bear Lake with my family.  Even though it is just a little weekend getaway it's so nice to take a break from reality and be with my very favorite people! 

We've been going to a great friend of the family's cabin (which is amazing in itself) for years and we've found a few spots in Garden City we just can't pass up.  So here's a highlight of our Bear Lake trip and what we recommend if you ever find yourself in the area.  

First stop the Bear Trapper Restaurant!

This spot is perfect for families and so laid back.  We love their rolls and raspberry butter and they even serve raspberry sorbet before the meal to cleanse your palate, so fancy I know! haha But really this place is a great little home town diner that serves everything from burgers to pasta and more!

Our cute little dinner dates loved the fountains and big bear out front.  Emma just loved sitting by Dallin.  They were talking and laughing together (nonstop) all throughout the meal!

 My most favorite stop of all is The Chocolate Bear!

Full of everything sweet and dipped in chocolate.  My kind of store! :)

They sale everything from honey, fudge, chocolate dipped-everything, candies of all kinds and more! 

My top picks are the chocolate covered rice krispie treat.
(pictured below)

And OF COURSE the chocolate dipped raspberries!  They are hand dipped individually, so they are basically the best things you've ever laid your eyes on!  We make sure to stock up while we are there!  Keep them in the fridge, they are delicious cold.

Beach Time-This year we went to the private beach entrance located near our family friends cabin and it was so much fun, but we have also been to North Shore and we loved the area there.  They keep it well maintained and you can play in the sand without worries!  Just make sure to bring some cash with you if you go to North Shore, it's about $5 per car.

Another must is raspberry shakes at La Beau's Hometown Drive In.  Their shakes are large and in charge and perfect after a long day at the beach. 

Not pictured but still MAJOR favorites:

-Café Sabor-The most delicious Mexican restaurant with amazing chips and salsa!  Their chimichangas are my very favorite! I could go here for every meal while we are there but it's probably better that I don't. This place is definitely a winner!

-Firehouse Pizzeria-This is a good one, but order a long time in advance!  We wanted to take the pizzas back to the cabin for dinner and we didn't get back until after it got dark!  Needless to say the service is definitely not the greatest, but the pizza really is pretty good!

There are also so many little things that make up our Warner Family Bear Lake trips.  You can't beat the sunsets up there!

The beautiful cabin we stay at every year is totally amazing! 

There are few things better than eating chocolate raspberries while enjoying the Bear Lake sunset.

Courtney's muffins!  My sister in law makes THE most insanely delicious muffins that of course have raspberries in them!

Talks and naps on the hammock.

I was a little slow in snapping this so I didn't get the whole group, but this year we just walked around the little shops all together and we loved it.

Adam made it his own personal mission to find, touch and tack a picture with every bear he saw.

Brittany's kids seriously keep us all entertained!  They are THE cutest!

And of course loads of family time!

^^Everyone but Brittany, thanks for taking the picture Britt!

I just really love this family of mine.  Until next time!

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