Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Guy Gift Guide

I have always loved inspiration boards and gift guides.  So to kick off learning some new cool tricks I thought I'd share a gift guide for any guy in your life!  No matter who it is for-your husband to your grandpa to your little brother, I hope you can find something they'll like!

-Statesman Tie-in America c/o-This company has ties to remind you of your favorite places.  I love that you can give this to a returned missionary and make it customizable to remind them of their time there.  It would also be a perfect gift for someone that has just been called to serve a mission.  They have different states and countries you can choose from too!  I love the options!  Such a meaningful gift that will bring back great memories.  See more below about what we thinks of Statesman Ties!

-YI 2.7" Screen Full HD 1080P60 165 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera, Car DVR Vehicle Dash Cam with G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Grey-Dallin has been wanting a dash camera for quite some time, he thinks its a good form of protection-and this one was a great price too.  I'm excited to see him open this on Christmas!

-Kiwi Select Shoe Care Kit-I love that this kit is small enough to pack away when you don't need it, but easy to pull out if you do.  I also love that it has all the essentials in it.  Another great buy!

-Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Wallet Slim Wallet Genuine Leather-in Crosshatch Black-I actually had to give this to Dallin early because his old wallet was falling apart and he is LOVING it!  It is so slim and durable and has just the right amount of space for everything you need.  So long big bulky wallets of the past!

-What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game-I like giving Dallin a card game or board game each year to help build fun memories and grow our game stash.  I've heard great things about this one so I'm hoping it will be fun!  Last year I gave THIS and THIS one and so far we love them! 

-LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit-I wanted to do this for Dallin last year, but was too late.  He loves putting together one thing each day, or maybe he's just humoring me! haha Either way I think it's a unique gift idea for any age!

-SUPRENT Beard Trimmer Kit, 5 in 1 Multi-functional Body Groomer Kit of Mustache Trimmer, Nose Hair Trimmer and Precision Trimmer, Waterproof and Rechargeable Cordless-I feel like I'm always dropping subtle hints to let Dallin know to trim his beard. Am I awful?? It just gets a little much sometimes.  Now he'll have all the new equipment needed in order to do just that!

Now on to our review of Stateman Ties!

Dallin and I love the idea of these ties.  Super personal, good quality and unique.  Their ties are not overbearing or too much and have a personal touch to each one.  We would totally recommend!  A tie would be a perfect stocking stuffer for those tricky teenagers or men in your life that you just can't think of what to get them! 

Find out more about Statesman Ties and browse through all their fun ties on their website HERE!

So what are you giving the guys in your life?!  I'd love to hear what you have in mind, buying gifts for the men in my life has always been a challenge for me.  Luckily I found some great products this year, I hope you'll be able to as well! :)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

December Visiting Teaching Handout Ideas

I am so, so excited that its December!  
Even though it feels like this year flew by I love this time of year.  

Visiting Teaching early in the month is perfect for these holiday, event packed months.  This months message is about how we can help lighten each others burdens.  We can show love to those around us year round, but the holidays are a great time to serve and help those in need.  So this month i decided to go with a light theme!  Keep reading for some adorable ideas for any budget!

I found THESE light bulb ornaments and thought they were the perfect way to introduce my next Visiting Teaching handout.  There will be lots more on these later in the post!  

Wouldn't it be the cutest to give a night light or Christmas light with this printable (find it for free at the bottom of this post).  THIS one is perfect and could be used year round.

Or a jar full of candy with some of the cutest light ornaments for decoration would be super cute too!

My mom found this sparkly, light star garland at Shopko for only a couple of dollars, but you can find one HERE too!

Everyone always needs some extra tea lights!  I found these at Dollar Tree, but you can also find them HERE!

I also found these light bags at Dollar Tree.  They are great for packing some festive goodies in, or I packed mine with some apples and caramel to take a break from all the sweetness.

Dollar Tree is the perfect place to find things for all your visiting teaching sisters and not break the bank!  I found some really great smelling candles there too!  Perfect match for the light theme!

Last Dollar Tree find is of course a pack of lights! Anyone can use a pack of extra lights during the holidays!  You could use a flashlight or highlighter to go along with this tag.

If you want to get crafty my cute sister in laws gave this to me last year.  It has an electric tea light inside and is a perfect reminder that he truly is the LIGHT of the world! 

Or my Mom found these at Micheal's for only a few dollars for another quick option.

IKEA has some really cute little lanterns for pretty cheap too that could work as well.

Now back to THESE adorable light bulb ornaments.  The sky is the limit with these little guys.  I filled one with some of my favorite body wash, but you could even fill it with bath soap, bath salt, or shampoo.  

Or if you wanted to go the sweet route you can fill it with M&M's-I'd recommend the baking or mini M&M's so they don't break while you are trying to pack them in.  Red hots, Hot Tamales, or Christmas colored sprinkles would be a fun treat too!

While I was preparing this post I kept thinking about the Light the World campaign that LDS members, and friends are encouraged to do during this holiday season.  It's a perfect time to give service and remember the true meaning for Christmas. the whole month long  You can find more about it HERE!

I created a little worksheet to use while you serve in 25 days in 25 different ways.  The idea is to read the scripture on the light, figure out how you want to serve, perform said service and then color in the light bulb for that day!  By Christmas your sheet will be full of memories of love, service and color!

This would also be a great way to have little kids get excited about the next day or remember to do it each day up until Christmas.

To finish out the year I had to include a calendar for all my IKEA calendar peeps!  Or give your sisters a cute Christmas themed magnet.  You could find one with a christmas light, star, or small nativity.

Along with the cute message tag I also wanted to create something little that could be a reminder for them to serve others in this busy time of year.  

This little worksheet is a great addition to your handout, and they can keep it somewhere close all month long to remember to lighten others burdens.

Or give them all 3 printables and get them ready for a month long of service and love!  I am so grateful for others in my life that have helped me lighten my burdens and I'm grateful for those that let me serve THEM and get my mind off my own problems and worries while I'm helping them with their own loads. 

I hope you have a great holiday season and remember the true meaning of Christmas all month long.  We are truly His hands and can spread His light with others! 

Find all the FREE printable goodness below:

Find the rest of my Visiting Teaching Handout ideas below:

Which month is your favorite?!

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Maggie The Well-Mannered Turkey

To finish up on my Mom's Manners Matter Feast with her Activity Day girls I wanted to share all the cute printables and the manner story we created.  This would be a perfect short story and activity for your kids or nieces and nephews before the big feast tomorrow!  

We blew up a big colored copy of the turkey clipart we were using on all the printables and printed out some feathers to correlate with the story.  

Maggie the Well-Mannered Turkey is all about a turkey named Maggie that didn't always have the best of manners.  She started learning about manners and realizing just how important they actually are, and once she learned a new manner she got a colorful new feather.  She ended up realizing how important and needed manners are and how they made life so much more colorful!

If you plan on reading this to a group my mom had a genius hack!  Place your tape on the feathers and then cover with wax paper.  It makes it super easy and quick to just remove the wax paper instead of worrying about all that tape once you're ready to hang them.  I also numbered hers and colored in the different feathers on the copy of the story so it would be easy for her to know which one was next. 

We wanted the story to relate to the girls some way so we created a little worksheet that they could use to help them learn and practice the specific manners they needed to work on. 

The line at the top of the page is perfect for the kids to write in their name.  Then they can write on the feathers which manner they need to work on, and color the rest of the page to their hearts content.  

If you wanted to give a treat along with it my mom found these adorable colorful feather suckers here in Utah at The Chocolate Covered Wagon, but you could even give a bag of M&M's or any candy that is colorful.

Attach the tag that you can find down below and you are set!

My mom made a little mix of some yummy snacks which would also be perfect for the tag, she filled them in the cutest little turkey holders she bought on Etsy.

Here's a little peak in to how it all went for her.  She said it went so well and the girls loved it! 

Find more from here Activity Day Manners Matter Feast HERE!

Finally find all the FREE printable goodness below:

Maggie the Well-Mannered Turkey Story-HERE
Make Life Colorful with Manners-HERE
Well-Mannered Turkey Worksheet-HERE

Monday, November 20, 2017

Manners Matter Feast

Congrats to the cutest Sherry and Kathy on being the winners of my Favorite Things Giveaway!  Winners have been contacted and will be receiving all their fun things within the next few weeks.  Thank you so, so much for everyone who entered.  Stay tuned for more fun giveaways in the future!

My Mom is seriously the cutest, most creative lady I know.  If you've followed this blog for any amount of time you probably already know that.

She is currently serving as an Activity Day Leader in her ward and of course rocking it.  She just had the most adorable Manners Matter Feast and I'm so thrilled she's letting me share all the details.  This doesn't just have to be for Activity Days either, my older sister is the Primary President in her ward and was going to do a few of these things with her Primary, it would also make a perfect and easy family night leading up to Thanksgiving!

She started her Manners Matter Feast with a story to introduce the topic.  We couldn't find one we liked and that fit the theme and purpose of the activity so I made one up!  You can download the story at the bottom of THIS post.  She blew up the turkey we were using and used colored paper for the different feathers, and added the feathers along with telling the story.

The story is all about a turkey named Maggie that finds out how manners make life more colorful. 

She gets a new colored feather every time she masters a manner.  To go along with the story I made a worksheet that they could hang in their room to remember what manners they should be working on.

Here's one I made for an example.  They could color the feathers the different colors they liked and add the specific manners they need to work on, on each feather. 

Hopefully reminding them that manners really do matter!

My mom said this was a huge hit and the girls loved working on this page.

My mom found the cutest, colorful feather suckers that fit perfectly in her little turkey stand.

I made a tag to remind them of the story when they took home their little treat.  You can find the free download for these cute little tags at the end of this post!

Next came learning some table manners. 

She found the cute place mats and Manners Matter packet at Dating Divas!

She also found the cute little turkey treat holders on Etsy from Jessicas Prints HERE!

She filled these cute turkeys with a fun fall mix of marshmallows, candy corn, M&M's, Honey Nut Cheerios, pretzels, and Swedish Fish.

She went over some Table Manners Do's and Don'ts to prep the girls for their feast ahead.  She found this sheet from a church idea book that she has had for years.  If you know where it came from please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

My mom even made the cutest paper turkey full of popcorn!  She told them she had been working in the kitchen and cooking it all morning! ;)

Then to setting the table!  My mom already had it set as pictured above.  She then taught the girls how to set the table-perfect for Thanksgiving Day prep!

Then came eating!  She had mini pudding cups, turkey slices, rolls, veggies, fruit, chocolate covered popcorn, and chocolate rice krispy treats with a white chocolate drizzle.  We tried to stick with either brown or colorful foods to go along with the theme!  

We can't quit this super easy and addicting white chocolate popcorn!  I tossed in some regular M&M's to add that pop of color!  Find the recipe HERE!

The girls were told to use their manners while having their feast. 

The girls absolutely loved it and learned so much about manners.  At the end of the activity they passed out the feather suckers and gave back the worksheets they had done earlier.

You can find the FREE printable for the Make Life Colorful with Manners Tag-HERE
Credits Page

Here are some links you may be interested in:

-Chocolate Turkey Sucker/Candy Molds-HERE

-Burlap Table Runner-HERE

I have all the Maggie the Well-Mannered Turkey Story printables including a copy of the story, worksheet and tags in this post HERE!  And don't forget manners really do matter!

This post may contain affiliate links, all opinions are my own.