Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April Visiting Teaching Message

The April Visiting Teaching message is such a great one!  I love to remember my part in the oath and covenant of the priesthood.  And for me, I can remember my part and learn more about it at the temple!  

Here are two quotes I just love that were shared in the message:  

Elder M. Russell Ballard said, “All who have made sacred covenants with the Lord and who honor those covenants are eligible to receive personal revelation, to be blessed by the ministering of angels, to commune with God, to receive the fulness of the gospel, and, ultimately, to become heirs alongside Jesus Christ of all our Father has.”
Sister Sheri L. Dew said, “The fulness of the priesthood contained in the highest ordinances of the house of the Lord can be received only by a man and woman together.”
And this scripture too:
“Temple ordinances [are] priesthood ordinances, but they [do] not bestow ecclesiastical office on men or women. [These ordinances fulfill] the Lord’s promise that his people—women and men—would be ‘endowed with power from on high’ [D&C 38:32].”

So on to handout ideas!  There are so many things that can be given to remind your sisters to keep their sights on the temple and the meaning of the oath and covenant of the priesthood.  

How cute would it be to get this tag with a Temple Cookie Cutter?! Or even better a plate of temple cookies! Oh my word or temple mints just like wedding receptions back in the day!  What a great throw back that would be!

Or some painted temple blocks that they can keep in their house year round.

Or even framed/or not framed pictures of the temple!  

I can't tell you how many compliments I've received of this picture my sister made for us for our wedding.  I love having it in our family room so everyone can see! 

Something that we could all use is a Temple Recommend holder.  Choose their favorite temple or closest temple to them for a thoughtful touch!

If you are going the route of the message and calendar you can find the cutest bunny tail magnets at Target!  I tried to find a temple magnet online but I had no luck, if you could find or make one that would be perfect for this month!

Or pop the calendar in your IKEA frame and your good to go, or justgive the print out to your sisters so they can pop it right in! 

So many cute ideas! 

If you want the FREE printable for April's Visiting Teaching Message including the calendar you can go right HERE!

Find the rest of the VT Calendars and messages below!

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