Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cupcakes and Callings

We were SO happy to get a new calling in our ward.  And its one of our favorite callings because Dallin and I get to work together and work with some amazing youth!

We are the new Youth Sunday School teachers of the cute 15 year olds in our ward.  It's so crazy that we have almost 15-15 year olds in our ward and in our old ward in SLC we only had 1 young man as the only youth that actually lived in our ward! No matter if we have 1 or 25 we are so happy to teach these awesome young kids.

So of course we had to bring a treat our first lesson in, and of course with my luck I made the best treat just in time for Fast Sunday. Ha!  I've learned that anything can be packaged and taken home though so don't fret!

I made the most delicious Coconut Nutella Cupcakes using this recipe, and jazzed them up for Spring with some toasted coconut and Cadbury egg bird nests!

We wrapped them and added a simple little tag to let the youth know how excited we were to be their new teachers.

We also passed out these Get to Know You cards to help get to know them.  Its so nice to look back on them and get an easy refresh of their names if needed.

It's the simplest tag, but if you'd like the free printable you can find the "We are excited to be your Sunday School Teachers"-tag HERE!

And find the Sunday School Get to Know You! cards HERE!

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