Friday, April 28, 2017

Youth Sunday School: Truth and Error

How can I recognize the difference between truth and error?

We know that during the Great Apostasy many of the gospel truths were changed or lost.  Truth was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith.  We can study the word of God and listen to the Holy Ghost so we can recognize the difference between truth and error.

We started the lesson by taking a TRUE or FALSE quiz, you can find the free printable below.  We made this quiz with common falsehoods and topics that the youth would be at least a little familiar with.  It was so funny to hear the youth talk about each one and say how they knew it was one way or another.  They eventually caught on that every answer was false!  We talked about how even though this quiz was just for fun, we can be mislead to believe truth from error. 

We watched the You Will Be Freed video, but only the first minute and a half or so because then it goes into addiction.  This was a great video to share how just like a fisherman carefully crafts and designs his lures to ensure he can catch and trap the fish, Satan does that to us until we are not able to decide for ourselves and our view of truth and error is skewed. We then read Moses 4:3-4. 

We then talked about some of the Gospel or everyday lies we encounter.  Especially the youth!  I found loads of good ones in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.  Common lies or error they see every day included:  dress immodestly, date before your 16, watch rated R or bad movies, cheat in school, don't keep the Sabbath day holy.  This list could go on and on, but I wanted to show them that everyone is surrounded by falsehoods, and they need to be aware of what is actually good for them and what isn't.

I also loved the story in Neil L. Anderson's talk, "Beware of the Evil Behind the Smiling Eyes".  If we had more time I would have read the story about his FBI friend to the class.

It's so important that we can recognize the difference between right and wrong, truth and error.  The best way to do that is stay close to Heavenly Father and study and listen to His words. We read Moroni 7:12-19, to remind them that anything good comes from God, and he can always help us find the truth in all things!

This is seriously one of my favorite handouts to date!  I wanted to incorporate the lure analogy.  I made the cutest little fishing rods with some really thin wooden dowels, twine and super tiny pom poms.  I just hot glued the pom poms on the bottom and it worked like a charm!  Fill the bag with Swedish Fish or Goldfish or any "fish" related snack and you're set.  I love that it looks like the fish is going after the lure! Ah so cute!! 

If you'd like the free printables for this lesson you can find them below:

Watch out for Satan's lures!!

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