Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Young Women Personal Progress Motivator

Hop to your Personal Progress!

Easter isn't all about chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies.  Help your Young Women remember to work on some Personal Progress experiences with this adorable free printable!

I mean can you even handle how cute this bunny banner is?!  

On the back of each bunny you can put the value experience they are still needing to complete or give them all the bunnies and let them decide which experience they would like to do this month for each value.  

You can write what that value means, a brief description of that value experience and the number, or even a scripture they can read to go with that value.

When you print coordinate the colors for the Young Women Personal Progress values:

Divine Nature-Blue
Individual Worth-Red
Choice and Accountability-Orange
Good Works-Yellow

I love the idea of the banner, but if you aren't feeling a banner you could even use an album ring to keep them all together.  

Make sure to attach the tag to go along with it so they can remember what they have to do.  They could hang this in their room or on a mirror!  Anywhere they see frequently so they will remember to work on it!

If you didn't want to do any bunnies you could always give a little easter treat with the main tag.  I used some leftover chocolate covered Peeps from my Peep Tags project earlier this week, but their are so many amazing and inexpensive treats at the grocery stores this time of year the possibilities are endless.

Or goodness give them both.  
Wrap up the banner all ready to go with a bow and give it in a cute little box. 

When they have read the instructions they will be able to HOP to their Personal Progress in no time and hang up this cute banner for a reminder all month long!

I'm considering doing my Personal Progress again just so I can have these cute bunnies around a little longer!

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