Monday, April 10, 2017

Cute Peep Tags

I know Peeps are not well loved by quite a few people, but honestly what's not to love about a marshmallow covered in colored sugar?!

So personally I think they are pretty delicious and adorable!

I have to start with tags of course!  Grab some peeps and attach one of these cute tags.

How cute are these bunnies!  They would make a great little tag to throw onto a Easter or "Thinking of You" gift.  I even printed off a few plain ones to attach to the package of Peeps as a name tag.  How adorable would it be to put their name in calligraphy!?

Put the Peep with the saying behind it so they know just how you feel.

I think this next one might just be my favorite!

Both of these can be attached to a package of peeps or dipped peeps!

For the Peeps with the decorative straws I just popped in some straws before I dipped them.

Or even add an adorable little bunny tail sprinkle!

No matter which way you give it, it's bound to be adorable! 

Are you a Peep lover or hater!?  

Find the free "You are one of my favorite PEEPS!" tag HERE!

Find the free "Out of all my peeps, you're my favorite!" tag HERE!

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