Saturday, December 5, 2015

Emma's 3rd Birthday Party

Brittany and Emma planned the most adorable party for Emma's birthday.  Emma just loves Bubble Guppies so they decided to run with it! 

Brittany had the cutest decorations.  She twisted up some crepe paper to look like sea weed, and had little under the sea cut outs throughout.  She had so much more but I didn't get pictures of it all.  Luckily she did!

Adam loved looking at Emma's gifts and had to show them to everyone. 

Brittany had some really great crafts and games planned for everyone.  She had sand art, where Bethy filled this super cute fish with sand.

Fishketball!  Dallin was being silly in this picture (he is so cute), but you had to throw balls into the center.  The kids loved it!

Go fish where Emma gave us all a little gift!

And the cutest little favor bag full of Swedish Fish. 

I wanted to help with the dessert so I made Emma's favorite peanut butter balls, excuse me peanut butter BEACH balls. 

And some clam cookies that were super easy to make.  Just grab some vanilla wafers and canned frosting.  Use a small baggie to pipe frosting in the middle to make it clean.  Put the Sixlet pearl on one side and prop the other vanilla wafer on top. SO easy! Next time I would make my own frosting.  I'm not a huge fan of the taste of canned frosting.

Everyone had so much fun!! I love Brittany's parties. 
If you want a closer look at all she did she has a a couple posts about it here!

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