Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Reception: Part 1

Let me tell you I love weddings.  And when I say I love weddings, I mean I really LOVE weddings.  It is such a beautiful, special day that the couple is able to really share their personalities to all the people they love most.  Like most little girls I have been dreaming since way back when, of what colors I was going to choose and what my dress would look like and so much more.  Luckily I think everything turned out pretty perfectly.  Even considering working with just a few not so ideal vendors-that story can be saved for another day.

But I wanted to share some of the things I hope to never forget.  

There is the most amazing couple in my neighborhood, our family just adores them.  This couple is no joke some of our favorite people ever.  The sweet Madsen's let us have our reception in their super beautiful backyard AND Linda even catered!  We can't say enough good about Linda and Ted at the Strong/Warner household!!

My incredibly talented sister Brittany made all of the chalkboard signs, every single one of them.  I probably did like one letter for the pennants you will see in a little bit.  She worked so hard on them and they turned out exactly how we wanted them.  Oh yeah, that incredibly talented sister also has a blog so check her out at Family and Kindergarten--you won't be disappointed!

I love these marquee letters we found at Michael's. 

Found the lanterns at IKEA.  Man I love that place.  I can't tell you how many times Dallin and I had to run there to pick up just one more thing.

I found this adorable Guest Sign In-Tree through Etsy.  So much more fun than a book I never know what to write in.

We cut the cake before the guests arrived.  And we had the best wedding cake I've ever tasted.  Nothing Bundt Cakes are incredible.  If you haven't tried them go and find them and get a bundlet.  You'll thank me later! 

Aww I love that guy. 

 So many hugs and loves from people in the line.  People are so great!

The food was something I really looked forward to.  Because really how many times do you have a soda bar and a doughnut bar at one reception! 

We made a list of ideas to let people know their options including our favorite combos and popular mixes we saw at Swig and Straws.

We had all different kinds of soda, syrup, lemons, limes, cream and whipping cream.  I absolutely loved how Linda and her girls stuck with the chalkboard theme on the syrups and cream.  I got the pink container and white napkin holder at IKEA. All the other adorable containers are thanks to Linda!

Dallin and I love donuts!  When we first started hanging out we would usually go get some donuts and just talk for hours.  So naturally they had to be apart of our special day!

Linda and her girls made all of the donuts, we were going for the Beyond Glaze (one of our fav donut places) look and I think they went above and beyond what we wanted!  People still tell me how good those donuts were!

SO many to choose from, I love the variety!

I really like sweets so we had to have a candy bar too!

We had some pretty amazing candy too if I do say so myself!  We got some of our favorites:  Dallin's being gummy bears from Sprout's and mine being caramel from The Chocolate Covered Wagon.  We also had some amazing taffy from CCW.  We know the store owners pretty well and they were the best to work with.  If you are in UT find a Chocolate Covered Wagon, they are some of the sweetest people I know and they make the best goodies!

Brittany also made all of these tags for the candy and all the print outs in frames.  My mother in law made those amazing truffles on the tray, she had a double chocolate kind and a white chocolate raspberry one in the cutest heart shapes.

I think it was a total hit!

Annette Ward did our invitations (which we absolutely loved how they turned out btw) and we had her whip up a little candy bar sticker so people could remember the day.

So many of the people we care so much about, came out and supported us.

People loved these big marquee love letters.  So many photo ops!

I remember looking out while we were in the line and just being so full of joy.  I was surrounded by so many people that cared about Dallin and I and our families and it was so cool to see so many people there.  And I also thought I should've ordered a bigger dance floor! haha

You guys I'm not even done yet!! I hope you've loved reminiscing as much as I have.

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