Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Reception: Part 2

Last post about the reception, I promise!  We (mostly Dallin, but deep down I did too) always wanted to have an amazing dance party, and I think we got it.  Our DJ was such a cool guy and he kept everyone dancing!  But before I get ahead of myself we should start with the bouquet toss.

Bethany was pretty stoked that she caught it.  Then there was the first dance.

And a dance with my dad and Dallin's mom.  Back in the day Mr. Ralph here was a very impressive dancer, trust me he has boxes of trophies in the garage.  
It's always so fun to dance with my sweet dad.

 Then the party started!

Everyone was dancing-even Grandma!

Like mother-like daughter.  Goodness I love these fun women!  My incredible Mom deserved to dance the night away especially after dealing with me and all my wedding things for months.  She is such a sweet, patient and kind lady.  

Dallin had an impromptu solo dance.  He LOVED it! 

Eventually he roped me into it too.

Since it was the weekend of the fourth of July we could totally have all the fun fireworks we had always dreamed of.

We had a sparkler send off.

And surprised everyone with some bigger fireworks right before we left.

 Right about now Dallin looked over at me and we were both just grinning from ear to ear.  It was so fun to just drive off and talk about how perfect everything went and how much fun we had.  I will never forget how we both agreed that, that was THE best reception we had both ever been too. :)  What a perfect day!

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