Monday, November 23, 2015

October Birchbox 2015

With my recent beauty box addiction, Dallin and I decided we could make room in our budget for some other subscription boxes we have wanted for a long time (He got his own dude one, while I got my beauty boxes win-win!).  One of the boxes I've been looking into for quite some time is Birchbox.  Honestly I have heard mixed reviews about their boxes, but I've always wanted to see if I'd like them for myself.  

I had some mixed feelings about my first box in October.  

It was cool because it was a very pretty pink box for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Loved that!  Unfortunately there were a couple products I wasn't so stoked about, but as always its fun to try new things!
Don't mind the Oreo's in the top corner.  They are Dallin's fav! ;)

The samples included:
  • Avene Cleanance Soap-Free Gel Cleanser- Mixed feelings about this one.  Loved the size, I'm still using it actually.  I have noticed a difference in my skin, but it leaves my skin feeling tight and even more dry.  It is a simple fix though I just moisturize even more right after.  
  • Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo-Just tried this and didn't notice any less frizz than normal, but maybe I just love my Herbal Essence too much. They also put in a bonus foil packet of the LOVE conditioner which was cool.
  • derma e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask-I love trying new masks so I loved trying this one.  After it sets you get your hands wet and gently use circular motions to exfoliate your face.  It made my face so soft and smooth!
  • Eyeko Black Magic Mascara-I liked this formula and how long it made my lashes look but I'm not a fan of waterproof mascara and the packaging seemed kind of weird and wasteful to me.  I like to layer it over my Covergirl Lash Blast for a little extra length and definition, so I get the best of both worlds.  
  • Penhaligon's Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette-I'm very sensitive to a lot of different perfumes and smells, so only a few work well for me.  Sadly this one didn't but if you are interested it is inspired by London Dry Gin and has scents of juniper, cardamom, soft leather, black cherry, and amber.  
Overall I'd say this is a so/so box.  You might have noticed the BeautyBlender up there, I got that for free with the purchase of a year long subscription.  If you are interested I think they have codes for free gifts with a purchase of a subscription going on all the time.

You can find more info on Birchbox website.  

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