Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gifts from Christmas Past

With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would share a couple of my friend gifts from Christmas past.  

One of the things I love to receive as a gift is beauty products.  What girl doesn't!?  After finding these CHI nail polishes for super cheap at Seagull Book I decided I could whip up something super quick with an adorable printout I found from the Crafting Chicks!

With all the hoopla of mine and Dallin's engagement last Christmas along with all the other events of the season, I wanted to do something even more simple that year.  I found the adorable Rudolph printouts from Tried & True. Since I bought a big pack of EOS lip balms at Costco I found some other printouts online too to use up the rest of the colors.  For Santa Claus and a Snowman you can go to Real Housemoms which was posted by Dimple Prints, and for the gingerbreadman you can go to her site here!  So much cuteness, they were a perfect gift!
The next gift I actually received and boy am I glad I did.  Last year when I was serving as the RS President in my Singles Ward, our Stake RS Presidency gave this to us.  Let me tell you these ladies were so fun to work with.  Each were such incredibly talented, and sweet women!  All of the little gifts, thoughts and get togethers they had were so special. 

A Cupcake KIT!! Are you kidding me!? This gift is just screaming my name!

At the top they had an adorable cupcake cookbook full of recipes that look completely delicious!

Then they filled it with cupcake liners, a Christmas oven mitt, a spatula, sprinkles, and a cupcake candle! Such a fun and useful gift!
Now if only I can figure out what I'm going to give this year.
If you see any cute ideas send them my way! :)

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