Wednesday, November 11, 2015

October Highlights

October is one of my very favorite months, and this one did not disappoint.
Dallin has always wanted to make bagels from scratch, so we did! He found a pretty great recipe for them here!  We added just a little bit of extra water-maybe a teaspoon right after we mixed it in the KitchenAid, otherwise we followed the recipe.  The first time we tried it we had Asiago cheese, poppy seeds, kosher salt and cinnamon sugar as toppings, we also made a few with blueberries.  I mixed one up and put cinnamon on a blueberry and it turned out to be my favorite!! Yay for mistakes!

We went to the Fall Festival up in Logan with some of Dallin's siblings and it was so much fun.  Even though it was chilly and rainy we had such a great time.

We made bagels again to try and perfect them a little bit more.  And they were delicious!  We dipped the whole bagel in cinnamon sugar after we boiled them and they turned out way better.  And we only had the fire alarm go off once in our apartment.  Sorry neighbor!! We also tried jalapenos with the Asiago cheese.

I told Dallin to smile and he kept striking poses.  Love this funny guy! :) 

Life with him is seriously so fun!

My birthday is on the 29th so of course we had to celebrate.  I love birthdays!  The day after was Dallin's big PE test so before he had to crack down and study he took me to lunch at my favorite little place in Draper (Food for Thought) and then we headed to my house.  

My cute Mom was willing to party with me while Dallin studied for a bit.  We went shopping and had a blast.  This lady is the sweetest I'm telling ya!  She even bought me roses and the donut pans I've always wanted.  She gets me!

My mom has had this tradition for as long as I can remember of putting posters on our garage for any birthday or homecoming.  And this sweet lady remembered for mine.

Emma just started drawing people.  She is the smartest 2 year old!  She drew me and Dallin holding hands.  I can't even take it!! Oh and she has called me Fran forever because she couldn't say RuthAnne when she was younger. Usually I don't like nicknames besides Ruthie but she could call me anything with that cute face.  

We had a family favorite-my mom's kebobs for dinner with the whole fam.  Dallin is always so willing to help and so is little Emma.

Brittany's family gave me an Amazon gift card and the most adorable towels and pennant for Halloween, Brittany made this with her Activity Day girls and a mini one with her Preschool kids and I wanted one so bad.  I screamed when Emma gave it to me. 
Us Warner girls get pretty excited about decorations.

I put it up the second I got home!

The next day was Dallin's big test.  He's been studying so hard for a long time for this test.  When he got home I surprised him with a candy poster.  We'll find out how he did in a few weeks.  Hoping all the studying paid off!

We made donuts on Halloween from one of my fav blogs here.  They were so good!

Even little baby Adam loved them.  

Oh I almost forgot my family is the sweetest with gifts.  Brandon and Courtney gave me money for my birthday and Cody gave me the biggest 2 pound bag of caramels I have ever seen for Chocolate Covered Wagon.  They were delicious!!

I love coloring.  Yes I'm like a five year old, but it is so relaxing and fun, so Dallin surprised me with all my own little coloring essentials.  I loved it.

Update: He also got me my favorite perfume.  He knows just what I like!

Well there's October in a nutshell.  We can't wait for the holidays ahead!!

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