Thursday, November 19, 2015

Primary Little Things

My Mom is seriously one of the most talented ladies I know.  She is so creative and loves to put a special "Regana touch" to everything she does.  She is serving as a Primary teacher right now and loving it.  I thought I'd share some little things she's been up to lately. 

She got this adorable idea from Marci Coombs here.  As a side note we love Marci's blog she always has the cutest ideas and she is now selling her adorable printables and handouts.  If you love handouts as much as we do you'll love her!

My sister made her own version of the print out for my Mom to use and then my Mom filled a little bag with a homemade trail mix and gave it to her Primary kids for Thanksgiving. 
If only I could be in her class!!
I caught her one day while she was walking out the door with this...

She drops these off to anyone who can't make it to her class on Sunday. 
She's the cutest and she's also trained her girls well-I'm in the process of sending these out to some ladies in my ward.

I'll post more and hopefully a printable once they are finished.  I told you we love handouts!

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