Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Family Fun Night!

This past weekend we got together with Brittany's family to have a Family Fun Night!  Full of fun, food and of course family!  I count down the days till I can get together with my family so when I was inspired by the Christian movie service Pure Flix to make my ideal family night, it was just the excuse I needed to throw something together.

We started the night with some mini pizzas!  I love the easy idea of using a French bread loaf and having personalized mini pizzas.  And these yellow peppers are seriously a game changer.

After pizza, the kids played a cute little game I use to play with my friends when I was younger.  We would pretend we were acting out a movie and the person that was the "Director" would be able to say rewind, fast forward, play, scene select and mute.  The people playing in the movie would have to act out whatever the Director said.  The kids thought this was hilarious!  Especially mute, and I think all of us adults liked that one the most too!

They also loved being the Director and having us adults act out the different movies they thought of.  It was pretty adorable to see.

Next up treats!

I made a DIY popcorn bowl station.  Everyone could grab a bowl of popcorn and add their favorite candies.  We chose everyone's favorite candies and perfect mix-ins.  I think the crowd favorites were Milk Duds and Junior Mints!

I mean who wouldn't want a bowl that looks like this! 
You can't watch a movie without a bowl of popcorn!

And for the main event we watched some good old VeggieTales! 

Even if we didn't decide on VeggieTales it was so cool to see so many clean and worry free movies and TV shows that are family friendly.  I love never having to worry about language or content, Pure Flix made it such a breeze-no matter what you choose from them it is always a good fit for everyone.

And it was so fun to see movies that I've seen or have always wanted to see!  When my sister and I saw one of our favorite movies Belle and the Beast we were pretty excited too! It's a modern day take on Beauty and the Beast and it is the perfect mix of romance, comedy and drama-all while being clean. 

We finished the night with some soda floats!  We love mixing it up other then always having the classic rootbeer float.  The crowd favorite was the orange soda float, it tastes so good!

If you are in a movie rut or want to try a movie service that's clean and appropriate for the whole family check out Pure Flix!  They are currently offering a free one-month trial, if you're interested you can find more information about that HERE!  Try it out and let me know which movies are a must watch so I can add them to my list!

So there's my idea of a perfect, stress-free family fun night!  What makes up your ideal family fun night?!  I'd love to know your ideas below.

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