Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May Youth Sunday School Lesson: Living Prophets and Apostles

What can I learn from living prophets and apostles?

I always love talking about our prophets and apostles.  It is such a great opportunity to focus on them and their wise counsel. 

For this lesson I started by having one of the youth read 'Prophets' in True to the Faith and another read the definition of seer in Mosiah 8:16-18.

We discussed different roles prophets have and how them fulfilling these roles have impacted our lives.  Then watched a little clip from one of Elder Holland's talk-Foundations of Apostles and Prophets.

I wanted the youth to know how much we can actually gain from listening to the prophets and apostles now, so when I saw this pin I knew I just had to recreate it some way. 

We discussed 4 different things that the prophets and apostles can give you:  Safety, Guidance, Strength, and Answers.  And discussed each of those in greater detail.  We also talked about general conference and how they can apply and remember the prophets and apostles words.  To close the lesson I challenged each of them to think of a trial or challenge that is going on in their lives right now, and turn to the most recent general conference talks and they will find their answers there.  If I had enough time/money I would have bought them all a conference Ensign.

I wanted to let them know just how special the prophets and apostles are with their hand out too, and also add the 4 things we talked about before!  It was so easy to just tape a mini 100 Grand bar on and go!

If you'd like the free print out for this handout you can go HERE!

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