Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January 2016 Highlights

We started out the month with one of our favorite couples from the singles ward-wedding reception!  It was so cute and reminded me so much of ours, they had a hot chocolate bar with Tim Tams and mini doughnuts.  They gave these adorable jars of Apple Cinnamon Jam. 

We also got to celebrate my sweet cousin Mindy's birthday.  Her family gave her a cute movie themed surprise party!  We had so much fun!!

We put together a little pamper night basket full of everything we thought she would love in her favorite color.  We also added a new movie she loves and a journal (not pictured).

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day both Dallin and I had the day off work so we decided to go up Emigration canyon and have brunch at Ruth's Diner.  It's the cutest little diner!  I had their banana nut French toast and it was amazing! 

After brunch we went to the Car Show and Dallin loved it-like any guy would! haha

This one was Dallin's absolute favorite!

We went to CrEATe after and oh my!! This place serves heavenly desserts.  If you are in need of a dessert in Sandy go create your own at CrEATe! 

Later in January we helped Brittany move some boxes in her basement and I found this hidden gem.  She uses it to keep her decorations all in order. How cute and clean is that!

I cannot believe January is already over! I haven't even officially written out my New Year's Resolutions. :/ haha

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