Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bedtime Beauty Routine

For as long as I can remember I have loved getting ready for bed and well, really sleeping!   Just ask my family and my cute husband.  If I don't get a good nights sleep I'm a total bear in the morning!  I've found that I can do a few things the night before to help me be the nice person I hope to be and get that great sleep I need.  I find it so refreshing to calm down after a busy day with a few nightly rituals that help me de-stress, relax and get ready for some beauty sleep. So when I was inspired by Leesa a company that their mission is to help people get a great sleep, to share my own bedtime beauty routine I couldn't pass up the opportunity! 

I've linked to all of the products I use under each picture for easy access if you're interested!

To start I always brush my teeth and floss so I can move on to the fun stuff quickly.  I then wipe off all of my makeup with a face wipe, my favorite kind at the moment can be found at Costco.  After I've got all my makeup off I double cleanse to help my skin get super clean.  I start with the gentle Cetaphil cleanser and follow that up with the Ole Henricksen one shown above.

Next comes my favorite part!  I love face masks so I have quite a collection.  I love to see what my skin is in need of that day and choose accordingly.  As you can probably tell my favorites are probably the Origins Clear Improvements or Origins Out of Trouble because they are so purifying and make my skin feel so clean.  

Call me crazy, but after I take my first mask off I apply a sheet mask.  I love to prep my skin to feel hydrated for the night ahead.  I'm totally loving these masks by Tonymoly right now, and I mean $10 for a pack of 11 sheet masks!? That just can't be beat!

While my skin is soaking in all those great ingredients from the sheet mask I usually hop into the bath tub.  When I am really pampering myself I usually drop a LUSH bath bomb in, but on normal nights I usually just put a couple of pumps of my normal body wash in the bath.  It gives the bath a clean, fresh scent and adds some bubbles! 

Once I get out of the bath I tend to do either of these next steps.  If I had a sheet mask I usually press the remaining product from the sheet mask packets on my face and neck then let it soak into the skin for the rest of the night and move on to the next step, but if I didn't have a sheet mask that night I follow up with these products to prep my skin for bed.  

Pregnancy acne is a real thing people and boy am I struggling!  I have been trying out this Tea Tree Oil and it seems to work sometimes but if you have any tips or tricks send them my way!! 

I am such a total fan of eye cream these days!  As you can probably tell loads of these are sample sizes-thank you beauty boxes, I love to get to try new products all the time!

For the last step I put my hair in a low, loose side braid because I don't even want to deal with the mess of tangles if I left my hair free in the night, and to keep it out of my face.  I then apply some lip balm, hand cream, and occasionally foot cream. This is best when my skin is dry and chapped.  By this time I'm usually feeling super relaxed and ready for some amazing sleep!  

I'd love to hear a favorite step of your own bed time beauty routine!

If you'd like to learn more about Leesa and how they like to help people get great sleep head on over to their site HERE!

This post may contain affiliate links, but all opinions are as always my own! :)

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