Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Youth Sunday School Lesson: Reverence and Revelation

How does reverence help me receive revelation?

Last year I gave the same lesson (find it HERE) and thought for a second I could use the same lesson plan and handouts, but that would have been way too easy!  I wanted to update and make some new ones with a new theme.

So this time around I wanted to focus on how God communicates to us individually. We focused on how it's a still small voice, not loud and overbearing.  We also discussed the difference between sacred things and things of the world.

I wanted the youth to know that we get to choose if we are being reverent and we can invite revelation in our lives by doing so.  We choose if we are inviting or pushing away the Spirit and revelation.  So of course I had to pair this handout with some gum!  I found these perfectly small packs at Dollar Tree.  If you want to use the printable I made you can find it down below and it fits them perfectly!

The worldly constantly competes with the sacred for our attention and priorities. 
Elder Paul B. Pieper

Scriptures we read:

Talks I used:

Find the free printable HERE!

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