Monday, June 26, 2017

Youth Sunday School Lesson: Women and Priesthood Holders

How do women and priesthood holders work together to build the kingdom of God?

I feel like I usually hear lessons based strongly on men in the priesthood or remembering women and the priesthood.  I love that this lesson was all about them working together to build the kingdom of God. 

There is strength and great capacity in the women of this Church.  There is leadership and direction, a certain spirit of independence, and yet great satisfaction in being a part of this, the Lord's kingdom, and of working hand in hand with the priesthood to move it forward.  -Gordon B. Hinckley

We talked about how we see men and women working together in wards, stakes and especially families.  And discussed how each of us has something to contribute, different strengths, talents and gifts.  We also talked about how we can apply this in our lives now whether it be church, callings, classes, and at school.

I then wanted to focus on families and the role husband and wife/father and mother play in God's Eternal plan.  We read paragraphs 6 and 7 in The Family- A Proclamation, and talked about the specific things that stood out to them, and what they can do now to have the kind of family relationships described. 

I love writing and sending cards, especially thank you notes!  We had a homecoming yesterday where the missionary said that showing appreciation was a spiritual gift, it shows your gratitude for the person you are giving thanks to.  People need to hear how thankful we are for them.  Especially our family members!  And parents are at the very top of that list.  The last part of the class I had the youth write notes to their mom or dad or both and tell them how much they love and appreciate all they do for them. I love finding cards in the dollar bins at Target-they were perfect to use for this activity. 

I loved seeing the youth take their time to think and really appreciate their parents and all they do to work together to make their families lives better! 

To remind the youth that women and priesthood holders work together to BUILD the kingdom of God, I gave them a little pail of lego candies.  I loved seeing the reaction of the young men when they saw these.  They loved building and eating them!  I found the little pails at Dollar Tree and the lego candy at Winco.  

If I didn't have the little white pails already I would have used these cute buckets!

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