Monday, April 4, 2016

March 2016 Highlights

March has been a busy month! We have had so many friend wedding receptions, dinners with family and friends and so much more!

Easter also came early this year so my Mom of course is always on top of decorating!  She got this adorable cake stand from Target for $5, we thought it would be so cute to add some grass with the little bunny figurines and then she found these adorable mini glittery eggs!  We love it!

To start March off we went to Owen's baptism and made some pretty amazing Jello Pretzel Salad if I do say so myself.
The next day Dallin was off on his first out of town work trip!  It was rough, but we made it work. haha This was the first time we've been apart for more than a couple days since before we started dating!!
Dallin got back in time to celebrate his birthday!  For his birthday he got Pikmin 3 and let me tell you its a fun game!  We went to the Melting Pot down in SLC on Saturday since his actual birthday was on Sunday.  On his actual birthday we had ribs for dinners and some amazing baked potatoes.

This was our first attempt at making ribs ourselves and it was a huge success!  After our dinner I made some brownies and we went to Dallin's parents house to celebrate with them.  While we were up there we stopped by my parents house because everyone wanted to see Dallin, we love birthdays!  Emma was so excited to give Uncle Dallin a card she made and she also made him a pretty amazing poster!

We had some left over brownies so we shared them with the people that were still there. And luckily I got a picture of the birthday boy!  So happy to celebrate this guy's life! 

Pi Day was the day after Dallin's birthday so of course we celebrated with a pie from Marie Callender's along with everyone else in the Salt Lake valley! We were glad they still had our coconut cream!

I also started BzzAgent since I love free stuff and sharing amazing products!  They send you products to test and review with an honest opinion, that's it!  It's a pretty sweet gig!

We went to my sweet cousin's surprise birthday party in Orem and decided to hit up some of our favorite spots while we were there.  Brick Oven is always a favorite-make sure to try the rootbeer and their breadsticks with the special dipping sauce its a mix of alfredo sauce and pizza sauce and it's delicious!
Little Adam was my buddy that night and it was a ball sitting by him all night, he was a big fan of the special sauce too!

We also decided to go to The Cocoa Bean another Utah County fav!  I always get the Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake, its just too good to try anything else.  Its a milk chocolate cake topped with a smear of Nutella, and a layer of raspberry jam, then the most amazing cream cheese frosting and a perfect fresh raspberry on top!

The next day we went to the Chocolate & Cheese Festival at the Natural History Museum. It was such a blast!  So many things to do at the museum and so many samples!  We also found out about some great chocolate and cheese shops and even factory tours we want to go to soon. 

We loved walking around in the new gecko exhibit and finding all the geckos.  Out on the deck they had the Salt Lake Astronomical Society and they were all looking at the sun through different telescopes and lenses.  We're hoping to go to some of their events once it starts up because that was so interesting to see.

After that we went to dinner at Joy Luck with the Strong Family to celebrate Chris' Birthday.  Their walnut shrimp and cream cheese wontons are incredible, we also love their pad thai.
We went to my best friends baby's first birthday party!  I wish I would have gotten pictures Gabby did such an amazing job!  Later that night I watched the General Women's Meeting with the girls in my family.  Such a great reminder to love and serve.  You can find more of the specific talks here!
Dallin and I decided to forgo Easter baskets this year, and instead we each get an Easter gift of shoes. haha I'm in desperate need of work shoes and Dallin needs some everyday shoes so it's a win win!  Next year we will be more festive!  On Easter I was supposed to give a lesson in Sunday School, but my class wasn't there so I get to keep my lesson for another week! :) After church we went to my parents house for dinner.  My Mom always makes everything so fun and cute!  She had a little carrot with our name for each of our place settings.  The dinner was completely delicious!

After we had our annual Warner Easter Egg Hunt with adults and kids!  My Mom always fills some eggs with money so it's an extra incentive to be quick.  It took us a while to find the golden egg but once we did no one could reach it so Brittany and Cody started using yard decorations to help.

It was a great month!

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