Thursday, January 26, 2017

December Highlights

We started the month off in Southern California!  We totally loved relaxing and recharging in such a carefree place.  A vacation with this cutie was much needed.

We ate a lot, had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back!  If you're planning a trip to this area be sure to check out my three different posts on our vacation:  what we ATE, our itinerary, and some Disney Tips!

It was a bummer but we had to come home eventually. 

I loved seeing my niece and nephew after and giving them some mickey suckers and extra chocolate coins from Disney.  Adam and Emma were so excited it was so adorable!

I finished up my calligraphy class!  I loved re-learning this.  I did something super cute for my family members with this quote.

And I finally finished this birthday gift!

Brittany and I dipped some oreos!  I gave them as a gift too!

We had our favorite Nelson Family Christmas Party.  My Aunt Terrie was over it this year and her family themed it all around the Grinch!  It was totally adorable!

I brought a relish tray and had to add my touch to it.

My sweet grandma always shares a little message.  She is such a sweet, kind and strong example to everyone in our family!  Sorry to catch you blinking Gram!

They gave everyone a candy cane for a little favor.  My favorite part was watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas with popcorn with all of my extended family and playing a ornament swap.

We made some of our favorite popcorn for our neighbors and friends!

And delivered them with the cutest tags!

Brittany throws THE cutest parties!  Adam requested a dragon themed birthday and Brittany went to town, it was so well done!  We played red dragon, green dragon and the kids had to get the dragons treasure by the castle.  I was a pretty scary dragon if I do say so myself.

Adam was SO excited to open his presents, he couldn't contain it all in his cute little body!

My brother and his wife welcomed the sweetest baby girl who arrived just in time for Christmas!

We kept up our tradition of seeing The Nutcracker before Christmas.  It really is so magical and makes me want to be a ballerina so darn bad!  After the show I'm always doing leaps and pirouettes to our car. 

My mom threw a Christmas Eve Party and a Christmas Dinner.  She made these cute little name tags and attached them to little baskets full of Christmas Kisses!

I received some free products from Influenster and decided to make some dips with them for Christmas Eve.  The crowd favorite was the Jalapeno Popper Dip with French's Crispy Jalapenos and baguette slices.  

Dallin and Emma won the candy guessing game!  My mom filled up the cutest ornaments with peanut butter M&M's it was so delicious and fun!  Oh and don't miss Dallin's beautiful Christmas sweater.  Nothing says Christmas like sloths climbing on a tree.

I also received some Country Crock from Influenster and it helped make the perfect Christmas Morning breakfast completely amazing.

We loved celebrating Christmas!  We couldn't find our stockings or ornaments from moving this year, so we had a naked tree and bought some cute stockings at the dollar store to make up for it!

We brought a cheese platter to my family's New Years Eve party!  These were the 3 cheeses that everyone just loved!  Port Salut is the perfect soft cheese!  We loved the Brie this time around the most!

Everyone brought something to share.  My mom makes these little open faced sandwiches that are so addictive and easy!

Bethany made this super yummy sausage dip too! 

And Brittany brought makings for ice cream sundaes!  I wish I got a picture of the whole spread!  It was so great and we had SO much food!

We are so excited for 2017!  We have been working on a few things on our house and I've got loads of things I can't wait to share here this year! 

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