Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Disney Vacation Tips

Disney Tips

We loved visiting Disneyland in December!  We researched and learned so much before and while we were there so we could make the most of our vacation.  Here's some of the things we are SO glad we knew!
-The best-least crowded days to go to Disney Parks are usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
-Make sure to check ride closures or rides under refurbishment, show schedules, and park hours before you get to the park.
-Arrive at the park EARLY!  I’m serious people.  One day we decided to sleep in and it changed our entire day of what we could do and see. I hadn’t been to Disneyland for quite some time so the security there was new to me.  Each time you enter the Disney resort you have to almost go through airport security.  Make sure to plan ahead because this line can be just as long as entering the actual park!  We tried to be there at least 45 minutes before the park opened. There will still be crowds but it will be so much more manageable and you'll get through the gates so much faster.
-Get Great Walking Shoes-These are a necessity at the big mouse’s house!  We walked SO much.  We were within walking distance from the parks to our hotel which was awesome, but meant even more walking.  Make sure to break them in at least 3 weeks before so you are set and comfortable for your trip! And all the walking you've done means you can have a few more treats right!?
-Prioritize and Plan.  We wanted to make sure to prioritize each day so we were able to see everything we really wanted to see.  We were able to do everything we wanted, sometimes twice and much more with always having a plan in mind. If Peter Pan's Flight is on your list make sure to ride it as soon as the park opens.
-Have FUN!  Be able to adapt and change that plan^^ if needed.  There were several times rides took longer and bumped something later.  Always have a back up plan and different options.
-ALWAYS have a Fast Pass –We tried to do this every day we were at the parks and when we actually stuck to it we had our most successful days.  I read somewhere that if the line is longer then 30 minutes grab a Fast Pass instead of waiting in the stand by line, we went during off season on one of the least crowded weeks of the year (the week right after Thanksgiving) and usually didn’t have to worry about this only for the bigger rides.  But boy did those Fast Passes make it a breeze to walk onto rides so quickly and fit even more in our day!
-Make sure to grab a map and entertainment schedule right when you enter the park.  Check parades and show times so you can fit them in your schedule.  We were so glad we made time for Frozen-Live at the Hyperion and World of Color in DCA!

-Make reservations as soon as you can.  Typically Disneyland restaurants start taking reservations 60 days out, so plan ahead.
-Get the Disneyland App on your phone.  This is so helpful for seeing opening and closing times before you head to the park the next day. Other Apps that could be helpful:  Mobile Magic and Wait Times.

-Bring a poncho even if you don't think you'll need it!  We found ours at the dollar store.  I loved having the option of wearing it during water rides so I didn't have to be soggy and wet for the rest of the day.  We were definitely THAT couple wearing ponchos on Splash Mountain! :)

-Bring your own reusable water bottles. Most places will fill up your water bottle with water for free!

-I feel like we saved SO much money by eating breakfast at our hotel.  Our hotel was one of the few that didn't serve free breakfast, but they had a mini fridge so we made it work.  We bought a gallon of milk, cereal and plastic bowls/utensils our first day and we were set.

-Bring snacks!  We had a lot of treats and snacks from the park (You can see more of what we ate HERE), but sometimes we were stuck in line and wished we had a little something to eat. 

-Enjoy rides all throughout the day-and night!  It totally changes the experience.  Especially Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, it's SO much better at night!

-Enjoy the lights and scenery!  It was decked for Christmas when we went so the lights could not be missed.  No matter what time you go Disney always has so much to look at and enjoy!

-Stay for the firework show at least one time while you're there.  At Christmas it was extra special because after the firework show fake snow started falling all along Main Street. 

-Think of souvenirs that will last.  I kept my eye out for books, board games and ornaments.  I've heard of stocking up at Walmart or the dollar store for Disney goodies that you don't want to keep forever to save lots of money, especially if you have children! 

-Next time we want to discover more things in Anaheim besides Disney including the Anaheim Packing House.

If you are heading to Southern California make sure to check out our ITINERARY that worked amazingly while we were there and what we ATE!


  1. I want to go to Disneyland now!!

    1. I do too! With all these posts I just want to go back!