Friday, February 10, 2017

Sending Some Love

This may sound super strange, but I love mail!  Of course not junk mail or bills, but I love getting cards and notes from friends and family.  Its a little surprise that means so much! 

Something I have always loved to do at this time of year is give someone a surprise "heart attack", don't be alarmed nothing serious.  All you do is cut out a bunch of hearts of all different sizes and colors, write some notes on most of them and tape them all over their door!  It is so fun!  I love that you could do it to your neighbors, friends locker, or even your own house (love this idea from 71toes). 

So I decided to combine the two, to send some love to someone who needs it!

You can find these adorable mailboxes at the Dollar Spot in Target.  Walmart has little paper favor mailboxes that you could use too!

Fill your mailbox with different sizes of cardstock hearts, you can write things you love about the person you are giving it to or just little notes!  I also threw in some candy because why not!?  Attach this super cute tag and you've got the cutest Valentine yet.

Or you could fill your mailbox with tons of different Valentines like this little treat, and this fortune cookie one!

Or this tag could be placed on a candy bar with a little 'thinking of you' note!

If you'd like the free printable of these Sending Some Love tags you can go HERE!

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