Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Your friendship is worth a fortune!

The people in our lives are pretty special and I wanted to find a little way to show them how much I appreciate their friendship. 

I picked up the cutest little take out containers at Walmart, and some fortune cookie erasers and that's where it all began.

Throw in the cutest little tags, and decorate them to your liking or you can print on colored paper to make it super simple. 

This would be the cutest little valentine with the fortune cookie eraser for little elementary kids.

Or get the real deal and dip some fortune cookies in a few different kinds of chocolate and sprinkle away!

Dallin and I made these for family night and they were SO fun to make and deliver!  We delivered a few to our friends in the area for a little surprise.

Who doesn't love a surprise with chocolate?!

If you'd like the printable for these adorable hearts you can find them HERE!

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