Sunday, February 26, 2017

What I Got/Gave for Christmas 2016

I know this is very late, but I want to still post it for memory sake.

We had such a great Christmas, with so much love and lots of great gifts! 

For my sisters I gave a framed piece of my calligraphy.

I also gave some dipped Oreos and the framed print to some cousins.

For neighbor gifts we gave our favorite chocolate covered popcorn, if you'd like to read more about that you can go HERE!

Brittany is basically the queen of cute gifts!  She gave all the girls this super cute lipstick holder with a little nail polish.

Her family gave this to all of her neighbors and she gave me one too!  I love the mini polka dot spatula!

She also gave me this cute little sign for Valentine's Day to tell me the Valentines stuff was out in the Target Dollar Bins! She's also the Target Queen!  #goals

My Mom's best friend gave all of us girls this Angry-Mama, it this super cool microwave cleaner!  Linda is the sweetest and always finds the most unique, cool gifts!

My Mom is seriously the best!  She always goes above and beyond for all holidays and for the table settings she made these super cute name tags/favors for everyone-filled with Christmas kisses!

She gave each couple a basket full of fruit! Healthy, needed and genius!

She also gave Dallin some beef jerky and Cody gave all the boys a comic book.  The boys were so excited!  It was so cute to see!

My mom gave all us girls an apron and a towel with the booklet The Christmas Apron!  I love it!!

We were also so lucky and grateful for amazing new neighbors and other gifts from our friends and family!  My sweet best friend gave me this adorable blanket!  You can never have too many blankets in my opinion so this was a perfect gift!

My Strong sisters in law are pretty crafty and adorable and gave every couple one of these beautiful lights! I love that they give decorations for gifts each year so I can use them year after year.

I also got the cutest little gingerbread house box full of chocolates, fluffy socks and lotion from my sweet cousin Mindy!  I somehow lost the picture I had but trust me it was adorable!

Dallin gave me some great things!  We are HUGE Amazon shoppers so you've been warned!

Dallin got me:
-Bella Hand Blender with Whisk Attachment-I've wanted one of these for AGES!  So excited to give it a whirl!
-The whole Harry Potter series-A classic, I've been saying we need this for a while! haha
-Harry Potter and the Cursed Child-To finish off the series of course.
-Sunbeam Hotpad-I complain about aches and pains sometimes and he thought this would help!  He's always so thoughtful.
-Emergency Underpants-Funny story about this, this was going to be his only gag gift for my stocking but he couldn't find anything else so it ended up being the only gift in my stocking!!  Next time I'll give him better stocking stuffer ideas! :)

He also got me the biggest, greatest box of Lush products I've ever seen!!! I was SO excited to try some new products! 

When we were in Disneyland I was debating about getting a Minnie apron for a souvenir and decided they were way too much money and I had just fine aprons at home.  Dallin surprised me with one he found online for a much better deal and personally I think it's even cuter than the one we saw at Disneyland!

I had a little too much fun shopping for Dallin this year!  I just couldn't stop adding more and more to his pile! 

Here's what I got Dallin:
-Drunk Stoned or Stupid Card Game-This is such a fun game!  We played it with my family for New Years and loved it!
-Cards Against Humanity-Dallin has wanted this for a while now. 
-Calvin and Hobbes Box set-He grew up loving and reading these so a set was a necessity!
-Gemstone, Rocks and Gemstones of the world books-Dallin has always loved these kinds of things and I thought it would be fun for him to research more about them here!
-Rock collection-To give him a head start on his collection!
-Pirates of the Caribbean DVD-Dallin loved this ride at Disneyland so I tried to surprise him with the movie.
-Loads of Star Wars things I found at!  It's seriously a geek heaven.
-Treats from Pirate O's-Doesn't get better than that!

This Oreo Milka bar was incredible!! I found this at Pirate O's as well!

Another awesome holiday season has come and gone.  It always makes me so sad how fast it seems to go.  Till next year! 

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