Monday, February 13, 2017

Sugar Cookie Decorating Kits

When I think of Valentine's Day one of the first things I think of is decorating sugar cookies.  It just can't be Valentine's Day without them!  I love the process of decorating the cookies, but sometimes I like having them already decorated and really just eating them. So I've got an idea for both, if you're anything like me!

The first idea is a Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit, where you make (or buy) and package all the supplies needed to decorate the cookies.  Who wouldn't love receiving this?!  It would be a great family night activity to make and give away or even receive!

To start get some cute plates-I found these at guessed it...Target Dollar Bins!

Make your sugar cookies and frosting, I made a batch of these Soft Sugar Cookies from I Heart Naptime.  I found the cutest mini heart sprinkles at Smith's from Wilton!  Portion out the cookies, frosting, and sprinkles.  I found all the packaging at Dollar Tree, a clear cup for the frosting, a cupcake liner for the lid, and a little package for the sprinkles. 

Wrap it up and attach the cutest little tag so they know just how sweet they are! 

I couldn't decide so there are two slightly different tags you can find below.

Or if you want to do all the decorating yourself, you can attach these 'Thanks for making our lives sweeter!'  tags and I just know everyone will love them!  Even if you didn't want to bake you could pick up some sugar cookies from your favorite bakery and attach it too!

If you wanted to give it as a family there are tags for 'our lives' and if you wanted to give a single cookie to a friend just from you there is a 'my life'-there's a tag for everyone really! :)

We made large heart cookies to give to individuals too!  I was short on time so I just put it on a little tray but you could package them up with a cute bag and ribbon.

Or even give some heart cookie cutters for a no-bake gift!

If you'd like the free printable for the Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit and/or Thanks for making our lives/my life sweeter! tags, you can find them right HERE!

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