Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine, you take the cake!

I love cake!  Like probably more than normal people.  So I knew I had to have at least one Valentine's idea with cake involved in it somehow. 

I found these cute cupcake erasers at the Target Dollar Bins (of course), but I've seen them loads of other places too!  You could pair this cute Valentine, you take the cake! tag with so many different cake things, the options really are endless! 

You know those Little Debbie snack cakes that I basically could eat a whole box of myself?!  If you don't mind splitting them up they would be an adorable Valentine for school classes or give a box to your neighbors!    

Or if you want to get fancy pick up some of your favorite cupcakes!  

Our favorite cupcake shop in the area is Sweet Tooth Fairy!  We chose Double Chocolate Raspberry and Strawberry Shortcake, both totally delicious and conveniently packaged! 

I mean really they don't come any prettier! 

Or even take it a step further and give them an adorable little bundtlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  

Also conveniently packaged for gift giving and totally amazing!!  We love these cakes so much-this was the cake we chose to serve at our wedding! 

Our absolute favorite is White Chocolate Raspberry but really you can't go wrong with any flavor here, each recipe is so perfectly flavored and each cake is perfectly, dare I say it...moist! (Sorry for those who hate that word it just describes it too adequately.)

Attach the little cupcake eraser in the blank spot or write your name and you good to go!  

If you'd like the FREE Valentine, you take the cake! tags you can print them right HERE!

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