Monday, May 16, 2016

Youth Sunday School Lesson: Scripture Study

How can I improve my scripture study?
Dallin gave an awesome lesson this last Sunday to our youth Sunday School class!  He taught about how we can improve our scripture study.  I loved how he went through the lesson and I want to make sure to remember it for future use. 

He started the lesson by asking if any one had a skill or something they were good at that normally people are not good at, or hobbies in general.  He asked the youth how they got that skill and then related it back to scripture study.  The youth mentioned it took hours of consistent work and study.  It takes time and focus to get good at doing it. 

"Immersion in the scriptures is essential for spiritual nourishment."  Quentin L. Cook

He shared this quote and asked what immersion meant and how it is different than just reading the scriptures. 

We then discussed some other ways we can study our scriptures.  Some of our list included:  memorizing scriptures, books, manuals, cross reference guide, Topical Guide and Bible Dictionary, Highlighting, writing talks or prepare a lesson, schedule a time, by topic, cover to cover, and randomly just flipping open tabs or opening your scriptures and reading.

Dallin then introduced the Search, Ponder and Pray exercise.  He mentioned the well known Primary song about just that!  He then gave everyone a paper full of different scripture references, while he was writing up Search, Ponder and Pray on the board.  We were instructed to read the different scriptures and if we could find either search, ponder or pray we could put it under that subject.  Some of the scriptures went under two or even all three.  It was a great exercise for the youth to really comprehend the scriptures.  We then read each one out loud and discussed why we put it in the category we did. 

On the bottom of the page he gave some other great scriptures that would help with practicing scripture study.  He made a list from what he found online with and scriptures that he remembered while preparing this lesson, if you are interested in what he gave each person you can find the printable below.  This could always be changed to different scriptures for a different lesson.

I made a batch of Rice Krispie Treats that morning for Dallin's treat and everyone loved them!

Search, Ponder and Pray Printable

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