Thursday, January 7, 2016

Relief Society Visits and Treat Ideas

While I was in the Relief Society Presidency we tried to go on visits every week.  It was such an amazing experience.  We went to anyone and everyone.  We would pray about the girls and if someone came to mind we'd visit them, no matter if they came to church all the time or not at all. 
We all know that I have a problem with sweets.  So anytime I can give a handout/tag and treat, I'm all in!  We also noticed it was a perfect way to let them know we are thinking of them instead of a message given to a family member that might be forgotten. 

You can get inspiration for treats anywhere!  One day when I was crunched for time I picked up these mini Mike and Ike packages and put a sticker label on them that I decorated really quick for the New Year.  There are also loads of print outs on Pinterest.  You could even leave a "thinking of you" note. 
Some of my favorites that the other girls gave for visits were conversation hearts with scriptures to go along with them for Valentine's Day, a cookie from Smart Cookie, a candy bar, delicious homemade brownies-just to name a few!
If you have some extra time you could even make a treat yourself.  I made Hello Dolly's that are super simple by the way, and packaged a big square on a cupcake liner for each girl. 

I would always try to use treats, packaging, ribbons from that season to make it more fun.  Meaning you can coordinate your ribbon like the Back to School ribbon I used up there or give a hot chocolate kit for January, full of all the essentials hot chocolate packets, marshmallows and some candies. 
You don't have to be in a presidency, have a calling or anything to give a little note and treat to someone you're thinking about. 
I know personally it means a lot to the individual when you take time out of your day to just drop by and say hi! :)


  1. You did such a good job making each girl feel loved! You did an awesome job in that calling.:) I love those Hello Dolly's! Please make me some.;)

  2. Wow!! Such a lovely post. I loved the awesome arrangements done. Planning a tea party for my dear ones at one of New York venues. Have been looking for some elegant ideas for the day. Hope will manage to arrange amazing party.