Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The night we got engaged...

Just for memory sake I thought I'd add our Engagement story here.
Dallin did such a perfect job at planning this special night.  He is so awesome!  While he was in the planning phase of the proposal he would drop little comments like "So do you want your family there or just us?"  He is so thoughtful.  I actually did want my family there.  But when the night rolled around my little sister was in her pj's just chilling while I left and my Mom told me to have fun and she was off to visit her best friend so I thought for sure they weren't coming.  But let's start from the beginning...
Even though I knew it was coming I didn't know what he was going to do so he took me on a trip down memory lane.  We started by going to La Jolla Groves at The Gateway (now closed but there is still one in Provo).  Our first date we went to a burger place down town and the chalk festival at The Gateway.  We had the most amazing fancy dinner of pasta and macaroni and cheese at La Jolla Groves!
While we were driving back to Sandy he stopped at the church that we had our first real conversation at one FHE and had a special secret agent make it all fancy with our dessert-DOUGHNUTS!  Even though it was cold it was so much fun to reminisce about the last time we were there and how we talked till midnight in that parking lot. 
We made another stop at Granite Park where we first became "official". I remember walking around and thinking how gorgeous the stars were, it was a perfectly clear winter night.  We walked around for a little while and found some flowers the special secret agent placed for Dallin. 
We headed over to Draper and I thought for sure we were going to the place we first kissed but he stopped at the Draper temple.  My childhood temple that holds a special place in my heart.  He said he just wanted to walk around for a second while we were up there.  When we reached the north side with the beautiful view he popped the question.  Funny story so while he was getting ready to propose I saw my little sister run behind a pillar and I knew they were all there. It was the best!  They were able to take all these cute pics, and somewhere there is a video of it.   I love my cute fam!
After we drove up to the place we first kissed overlooking Alpine and had our first real kiss as an engaged couple.  I can hear all the "ooo's" and "aww's" now.  haha
It was perfect and I love this cutie of mine! And thanks to all the people that helped Dallin make this happen so smoothly-he had his best friend Jared be the secret agent of the night and he was perfectly on time to every spot. 
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  1. That was such a fun night! I love the picture with your ring in the rose. So pretty!