Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Valentine Decorations

My Mom's Valentines decorations are completely adorable and I just had to share them.  Like any other holiday she makes her house look so fun and festive!  I can't believe Valentine's is just around the corner.
She finds different items and adds her special touch to everything.  Like that heart tin she decided to fill it with foam and some pink riff raff and her and Brittany worked on Valentine pinwheels to put inside it.  She also made the heart banner from fun printed paper and ribbon.  She found the candy jar, had Brittany print out Love and filled it with conversation hearts. 
I love that she finds table runners on sale and keeps them in good condition so she can use them year after year.  She found some doilies at the dollar store.  And put this adorable love candy dishes on top of the doilies and filled each with Valentine colored peanut M&M's.
Another thing she looks out for is banners you can put together yourself- like this love banner it was full of everything she needed all she had to do was assemble. 
So many cute ideas!!

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  1. I think mom's valentine decorations are my favorite!