Thursday, March 24, 2016

IKEA frames for the win!

After moving into our apartment I've realized how nice, cute and cheap decorations are.  Especially if you can reuse them for different holidays!  We had some leftover paper from the painted wood blocks and I started thinking these are about the same size as our favorite IKEA frames!  You can find the frames at IKEA for only $0.99! This 4x6 frame holds any paper you can cut to size, can be used double sided and takes up only a little bit of space. 

Change out the paper and ribbon depending on the holiday and you've got yourself a year round decoration idea.  We also LOVE to use these for parties, they are great for food tables and so much more.  They even have different shapes and colors too!

How perfect would this be for a scripture you are ponderizing!? Or a quote you want to remember!

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