Monday, March 7, 2016

February 2016 Highlights

I've been super late with all things Valentine's lately because I feel like February just flew past me.  We had a great month as you can tell by all the food pictures, just how we like it!
Valentine's day is actually my little sisters birthday so we had loads of parties and things to celebrate her and sadly I didn't get with the program and get pictures of everything this month.
Dallin was a total sweetie and bought me roses-in my favorite color, a box of chocolates from Cumming's AND the best dipped strawberries also from Cumming's!  I was in chocolate heaven!

I was hoping to do the 12 Days of Love for Dallin, but it turned out to be a Love Basket!  I thought it turned out great!
Emma and Adam (and Brittany!) gave all us siblings a little Valentine.  She really is so thoughtful and always remembers holidays.  I love it!

We have been loving trying new recipes!  There is always a couple that are a total miss but there are some that are total hits!  We loved this Meat Lover's Tortellini Skillet from I Wash You Dry!

We've been on a mission for finding THE BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe so we tried two different recipes in February. This one was pretty delicious from my aunt Caroline!

I don't limit myself to just chocolate chip cookies so I made some sugar cookies and you guys!!!! I could eat this dough by the bowl full. And these cookies were so good too!  I think I'm getting closer to my favorite sugar cookie recipe.  Thanks to The Girl Who Ate Everything!!  And thanks to Cody who had the genius idea of adding fruit! So amazing!

We loved using our extra tortellini on this Creamy Tortellini Soup from Diethood.  It was so light and refreshing!

One of the best things about having a little brother that works at a chocolate shop is all the treats he gives us!  These chocolates were amazing.  Chocolate Covered Wagon's truffles are so huge and delicious!

That big white chocolate one is macadamia nuts covered in their amazing caramel!  It was SO good!  And look at the size of those truffles!!

I also got a another calling in February, Youth Sunday School instructor! I'm so excited!  More to come of that first lesson soon!


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