Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas Star Poem and Ornament

Christmas is going to be here before we know it, so I thought I'd share some quick and easy little gift ideas for classes, siblings, visiting teachers, neighbors, co-workers or really anyone! 

A few Christmas' ago I gave all my co workers this poem with a cute little star ornament. 

I found these star ornaments at Walmart years ago, but don't worry I've noticed they always have some kind of star ornaments that are already in multiples and usually fairly inexpensive.  I attached my own ribbon because I didn't want the cheap, flimsy one they included.

This poem is a perfect little reminder to keep our thoughts on the Savior all year long, not just at Christmas time. 

If you didn't want to do an ornament you can do a star cookie cutter, star cookies or treats, a bag of chocolate stars, or anything the shape of a star!

I totally love these caramels from The Chocolate Covered Wagon and thought they'd be the perfect addition to this poem!

They have a milk, dark and white chocolate cinnamon sugar (AMAZING!) that are sold in packs of three or individually.   And they are totally addicting!

My sweet sister helped me make this printable and changed it so you can write in your name or families name at the bottom if you wanted to use it too!  You can check out Brittany's blog HERE!
If you'd like to print the Christmas Star Poem you can find the free printable HERE!

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