Friday, July 8, 2016

June 2016 Highlights

We started this month with celebrating this cute girl!  She graduated from high school and with flying colors!  Bethany is the sweetest girl! 

National Donut Day is a pretty big day around here.  Dallin and I LOVE donuts.  One of our first "dates" was 2 years ago on good old Donut Day when he took me all the way to Provo just so I could get a free donut at Krispy Kreme.  Donuts were part of Dallin's proposal and we served the fanciest donuts at our wedding reception.  We just love donuts that much! 

So we celebrated with making our own.  It was so much fun and we loved being creative with toppings!

We are still searching for the best recipe so these were just a test run and didn't turn out as great as we'd hoped but oh well!

It was perfect time to pull out my donut plates my mom got me from Walmart.

We also went to Gygi's Grilling Gala!  What a fun day full of food, classes and giveaways! 

We picked some cherries at Brandon and Courtney's house.  Emma loved it! 

Dallin and I went to Vegas for a little vacation and it was so fun!  We got basically free tickets from my work to Mystere and we couldn't pass it up.  More on that trip to come! 

While we were down there we stopped at the Hoover Dam. 

We celebrated this sweet lady's birthday!  My grandma Ruth is one of my favorite people.  Isn't she just the cutest! I'm so glad I was named after such an incredible lady!

We went to the Chalk Art Festival at Gateway and it was so cool to see all the amazing art!  People are so talented!

Here are some of our favorites in progress...

After we stopped at our all time FAVORITE gelato place.  I love the nutella, coconut combo! 

I made some triple chocolate cookies for Aaron's Birthday party. I'll post the easy and delicious recipe soon!

We celebrated Aaron's Birthday at their cute house and I won the candy guessing game!! Seriously this is something to document.  I never win! 

We are loving my Mom's beautiful roses in her front yard.  My Grandpa helped plant them years ago, we love to think about him when they bloom.

We celebrated these cool dudes!  Father's Day is a nice reminder of all the Father figures in our life no matter if they have kids or not.

I taught our Youth Sunday School class about Priesthood Power!  For reals I am loving this calling.  You can find the free printables for the bingo and activity HERE!

We went on a "hike" with Brittany's cute family.
Emma and Adam just crack me up.  They know how to hike!

I made some No Bake Cookies for our Sunday School class.  I'll post my fail proof recipe soon!

How is it already July!?  Summer is going by so fast. 

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